11 species in "Bufonia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Bufonia kotschyana Boiss. Accepted 17
Bufonia macrocarpa Ser. Accepted 9
Bufonia macropetala Willk. Accepted 17
Bufonia oliveriana Ser. Accepted 16
Bufonia paniculata Dubois Accepted 16
Bufonia parviflora Griseb. Accepted 8
Bufonia stricta (Sm.) Gürke Accepted 9
Bufonia tenuifolia L. Accepted 17
Bufonia mauritanica Murb. Synonym of Bufonia perennis subsp. mauritanica (Murb.) Pau & F. Quer 17
Bufonia stricta Synonym of Bufonia stricta (Sm.) Gürke 9
Bufonia euboica Phitos & Kamari Synonym of Bufonia stricta var. euboica (Phitos & Kamari) Constantin. 9