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2 chromosome counts in Sonchus ustulatus Lowe:

Name Accepted Name Gametophytic(n) Sporophytic(2n) Data Source reference
  Sonchus ustulatus subsp. ustulatus Sonchus ustulatus Lowe   18(1) Asteracea Dalgaard 1986a Willdenowia
!   Sonchus ustulatus Lowe Sonchus ustulatus Lowe   18 C-values database Garcia S, Hidalgo O, Jakovljević I, Siljak-Yakovlev S, Vigo J, Garnatje T, Vallès J. 2013. New data on genome size in 128 Asteraceae species and subspecies, with first assessments for 40 genera, 3 tribes and 2 subfamilies. Plant Biosystems 147: 1219-1227.