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63 species in "Kalanchoe" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Kalanchoe aromatica H. Perrier Accepted 17
Kalanchoe aubrevillei Cufod. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe ballyi R. -Hamet ex Cufod. Accepted 34
Kalanchoe beauverdii R. -Hamet Accepted 17
Kalanchoe beharensis Drake Accepted 18
Kalanchoe bipartita Chiov. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Poelln. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe boranae Raadts Accepted 63
Kalanchoe bracteata Scott-Elliot Accepted 18
Kalanchoe citrina Schweinf. Accepted 34
Kalanchoe crenata (Andrews) Haw. Accepted 51
Kalanchoe densiflora Rolfe Accepted 17
Kalanchoe eriophylla Hils. & Bojer ex Tul. Accepted 18
Kalanchoe fadeniorum Raadts Accepted 17
Kalanchoe flammea Stapf Accepted 17
Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri R. -Hamet & H. Perrier Accepted 17
Kalanchoe germanae R. -. Raadts Accepted 17
Kalanchoe glaucescens Britten Accepted 51
Kalanchoe globulifera H. Perrier Accepted 17
Kalanchoe gracilipes (Baker) Baill. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe grandidieri Baill. Accepted 70
Kalanchoe grandiflora Wight & Arn. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe hildebrandtii Baill. Accepted 18
Kalanchoe humilis Britten Accepted 17
Kalanchoe integrifolia Baker Accepted 18
Kalanchoe laciniata (L.) DC. Accepted 34
Kalanchoe lanceolata (Forssk.) Pers. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe lateritia Engl. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe laxiflora Baker Accepted 17
Kalanchoe linearifolia Drake Accepted 36
Kalanchoe marmorata Baker Accepted 17
Kalanchoe millotii R. -Hamet & H. Perrier Accepted 19
Kalanchoe miniata Hilsenb. & Bojer ex Tul. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe obtusa Engl. Accepted 34
Kalanchoe peteri Werderm. Accepted 34
Kalanchoe prittwitzii Engl. Accepted None
Kalanchoe pubescens Baker Accepted 17
Kalanchoe pumila Baker Accepted 18
Kalanchoe rotundifolia (Haw.) Haw. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe schimperiana A. Rich. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe schizophylla (Baker) Baill. Accepted 17
Kalanchoe streptantha Baker Accepted 17
Kalanchoe synsepala Baker Accepted 36
Kalanchoe teretifolia Deflers Accepted 17
Kalanchoe tomentosa Baker Accepted 18
Kalanchoe usambarensis Engl. & R. -Hamet Accepted 17
Kalanchoe viguieri R. -Hamet & H. Perrier Accepted 18
Kalanchoe faustii F. Quer Unresolved 85
Kalanchoe varians Haw. Unresolved 34
Kalanchoe campanulata (Baker) Baill. Synonym of Bryophyllum campanulatum (Baker) V. V. Byalt & Udalova & I. M. Vassiljeva 34
Kalanchoe tubiflora (Harv.) R. -Hamet Synonym of Bryophyllum delagoense (Eckl. & Zeyh.) Druce 34
Kalanchoe manginii R. -Hamet & H. Perrier Synonym of Bryophyllum manginii (R. -Hamet & H. Perrier) Nothdurft 17
Kalanchoe pinnata (Lam.) Pers. Synonym of Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Oken 20
Kalanchoe daigremontiana Hamet & Perrier Synonym of Kalanchoe daigremontiana R. -Hamet & H. Perrier 30
Kalanchoe deficiens Synonym of Kalanchoe deficiens Asch. & Schweinf. 85
Kalanchoe densiflora var. densiflora Synonym of Kalanchoe densiflora Rolfe 17
Kalanchoe spathulata DC. Synonym of Kalanchoe integra (Medik.) Kuntze 17
Kalanchoe aegyptiaca DC. Synonym of Kalanchoe laciniata (L.) DC. 34
Kalanchoe marnieriana Jacobs. Synonym of Kalanchoe marnieriana H. Jacobsen 17
Kalanchoe marnieriana Jacobsen Synonym of Kalanchoe marnieriana H. Jacobsen 17
Kalanchoe mitejea Leblanc & R. -Hamet Synonym of Kalanchoe miniata Hilsenb. & Bojer ex Tul. 17
Kalanchoe nyikae subsp. nyikae Synonym of Kalanchoe nyikae Engl. 17
Kalanchoe rolandi-bonapartei Hamet & Perrier Synonym of Kalanchoe rolandi-bonapartei R. -Hamet & H. Perrier 17