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3 chromosome counts in Stachys pilosa Nutt.:

Name Accepted Name Gametophytic(n) Sporophytic(2n) Data Source reference
  Stachys pilosa Nutt. Stachys pilosa Nutt.   68 IPCN online Mulligan, G. A. & D. B. Munro. 1989. Taxonomy of species of North American Stachys (Labiatae) found north of Mexico. Naturaliste Canad. 116: 35–51.
!   Stachys pilosa Stachys pilosa Nutt.   64 IPCN online Love, A. & D. Love. 1982. In: A Löve (ed.), IOPB chromosome number reports LXXV. Taxon 31(2): 344–360.
  Stachys palustris subsp. pilosa (Nutt.) Epling Stachys pilosa Nutt. 32   IPCN online Gill, L. S. 1980a. A study of Stachys palustris L. complex (Labiatee) in northern North America. Phytologia 46: 231–245.