17 species in "Persea" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Persea americana Mill. Accepted 12
Persea borbonia (L.) Spreng. Accepted 12
Persea cinerascens S. F. Blake Accepted 12
Persea donnell-smithii Mez Accepted 12
Persea hintonii C. K. Allen Accepted 24
Persea indica (L.) Spreng. Accepted 12
Persea major (Meisn.) L. E. Kopp Accepted 12
Persea palustris (Raf.) Sarg. Accepted 12
Persea schiedeana Nees Accepted 12
Persea pachypoda Nees Synonym of Cinnamomum pachypodum (Nees) Kosterm. 12
Persea philippinensis (Merr.) Elmer Synonym of Cinnamomum philippinense (Merr.) C. E. Chang 12
Persea zuihoensis (Hayata) H. L. Li Synonym of Machilus zuihoensis Hayata 12
Persea americana var. drimyfolia (Cham. & Schltdl.) S. F. Blake Synonym of Persea americana Mill. 12
Persea gratissima C. F. Gaertn. Synonym of Persea americana Mill. 12
Machilus macrantha Nees Synonym of Persea macrantha (Nees) Kosterm. 12
Machilus odoratissimus Nees Synonym of Persea odoratissima (Nees) Kosterm. 12
Phoebe pallida (Nees) Nees Synonym of Persea pallida (Nees) Oliv. 12