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2 chromosome counts in Neillia sinensis Oliv.:

Name Accepted Name Gametophytic(n) Sporophytic(2n) Data Source reference
!   Neillia sinensis var. sinensis Neillia sinensis Oliv. 9   IPCN73-74 RATTER, J.A., & c. MILNE. 1973. Some Angiosperm chromosome numbers. Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 32: 429-438.
!   Neillia sinensis None Neillia sinensis Oliv.   18 C-values database Dickson EE, Arumuganathan K, Kresovich S, Doyle JJ. 1992. Nuclear DNA content variation within the Rosaceae. American Journal of Botany 79: 1081-1086.