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3 chromosome counts in Funaria muhlenbergii Turner:

Name Accepted Name Gametophytic(n) Sporophytic(2n) Data Source reference
  Funaria mediterranea Lindb. Funaria muhlenbergii Turner 28   IPCN67-71 LAZARENKO, A.S., E.J. VYSOTAKAYA, E.N. LESNYAK, & U.K. MAMATKULOV. 1970. An investigation of chromosome numbers in the mosses of Tadzhikistan. Cin Russian) Bjulle. Moskovsk. Obsc. Isp. Prir. Otd. Biol. 65: 146-155.
!   Funaria muhlenbergii Turn. Funaria muhlenbergii Turner 28   IPCN73-74 NEWTON, M.E. 1973. Chromosome studies in some British and Irish bryophtes, II. J. Bryol. 7: 379-398.
!   Funaria muhlenbergii Turner Funaria muhlenbergii Turner 28,28,28,   Fritsch1991 Fritsch, Reinhard. Index to bryophyte chromosome counts. J. Cramer, 1991. by REINHARD FRITSCH