28 species in "Microlepia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Microlepia calvescens (Wall.) C. Presl Accepted 86
Microlepia calvescens var. intramarginalis (Tagawa) W. C. Shieh Accepted 86
Microlepia firma Mett. ex Kuhn Accepted 86
Microlepia hancei Prantl Accepted 86
Microlepia hookeriana (Wall.) C. Presl Accepted 43
Microlepia marginata (Panz.) C. Chr. Accepted 86
Microlepia obtusiloba Hayata Accepted 43
Microlepia platyphylla (D. Don) J. Sm. Accepted 43
Microlepia pseudostrigosa Makino Accepted 80
Microlepia puberula Alderw. Accepted 86
Microlepia speluncae (L.) T. Moore Accepted 86
Microlepia strigosa (Thunb.) C. Presl Accepted 43
Microlepia substrigosa Tagawa Accepted 80
Microlepia taiwaniana Tagawa Accepted 43
Microlepia tenera Christ Accepted 43
Microlepia trapeziformis (Roxb.) Kuhn Accepted 43
Microlepia trichocarpa Hayata Accepted 86
Microlepia izu-peninsulae S. Kurata Unresolved 86
Microlepia majuscula T. Moore Unresolved 86
Microlepia pilosula C. Presl Unresolved 42
Microlepia proxima Bedd. Unresolved 86
Microlepia proxima C. Presl Unresolved 86
Microlepia rhomboidea C. Presl Unresolved 40
Microlepia calvescens var. calvescens Synonym of Microlepia calvescens (Wall.) C. Presl 86
Microlepia izu-peninsulae Synonym of Microlepia izu-peninsulae S. Kurata 86
Microlepia marginata var. marginata Synonym of Microlepia marginata (Panz.) C. Chr. 86
Microlepia speluncae Synonym of Microlepia speluncae (L.) T. Moore 86
Microlepia speluncae None Synonym of Microlepia speluncae (L.) T. Moore 86