CCDBPteridophytesPolypodiaceaePolypodiodesPolypodiodes lachnopus (Wall.) Ching

2 chromosome counts in Polypodiodes lachnopus (Wall.) Ching:

Name Accepted Name Gametophytic(n) Sporophytic(2n) Data Source reference
  Polypodium lachnopum Wall. ex Hook. Polypodiodes lachnopus (Wall.) Ching 37   IPCN online Bir, S. S. & C. K. Trikha. 1979. Cytological evolution of polypodiod ferns with particular reference to the Himalayan forms. Glimpses Pl. Res. 4: 98–130.
!   Polypodiodes lachnopus (Wall.) Ching Polypodiodes lachnopus (Wall.) Ching   72 IPCN online Kato, M., N. Nakato, X. Cheng & K. Iwatsuki. 1992. Cytotaxonomic study of ferns of Yunnan, southwestern China. Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 105: 105–124.