132 species in "Pteris" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Pteris acanthoneura Alston Accepted 29
Pteris actiniopteroides Christ Accepted None
Pteris altissima Poir. Accepted 58
Pteris aspericaulis Wall. ex J. Agardh Accepted 29
Pteris bahamensis (J. Agardh) Fée Accepted 58
Pteris bella Tagawa Accepted 29
Pteris berteroana C. Agardh Accepted 29
Pteris biaurita L. Accepted 58
Pteris buchananii Sim Accepted 29
Pteris burtonii Baker Accepted 29
Pteris cadieri Christ Accepted 87
Pteris camerooniana Kuhn Accepted 29
Pteris catoptera Kunze Accepted 29
Pteris cretica L. Accepted 58
Pteris dactylina Hook. Accepted 87
Pteris deltodon Baker Accepted 82
Pteris dentata Forssk. Accepted 29
Pteris denticulata Sw. Accepted 116
Pteris dispar Kunze Accepted 29
Pteris ensiformis Burm. Accepted 58
Pteris esquirolii Christ Accepted 45
Pteris excelsa Gaudich. Accepted 29
Pteris fauriei Hieron. Accepted 29
Pteris formosana Baker Accepted 29
Pteris friesii Hieron. Accepted 87
Pteris grandifolia L. Accepted 58
Pteris grevilleana Wall. ex J. Agardh Accepted 58
Pteris haenkeana C. Presl Accepted 58
Pteris henryi Christ Accepted 29
Pteris hexagona (L.) Proctor Accepted 58
Pteris kidoi S. Kurata Accepted 29
Pteris kiuschiuensis Hieron. Accepted 29
Pteris linearis Poir. Accepted 29
Pteris longifolia L. Accepted 58
Pteris longipes D. Don Accepted 58
Pteris longipinnula Wall. ex J. Agardh Accepted 58
Pteris multifida Poir. Accepted 58
Pteris nipponica W. C. Shieh Accepted 87
Pteris oshimensis Hieron. Accepted 87
Pteris plumula Desv. Accepted 58
Pteris podophylla Sw. Accepted 29
Pteris quadriaurita Retz. Accepted 29
Pteris ryukyuensis Tagawa Accepted 58
Pteris scabristipes Tagawa Accepted None
Pteris semipinnata L. Accepted 58
Pteris setulosocostulata Hayata Accepted 87
Pteris similis Kuhn Accepted 29
Pteris stenophylla Wall. ex Hook. & Grev. Accepted 29
Pteris togoensis Hieron. Accepted 29
Pteris tremula R. Br. Accepted 116
Pteris tripartita Sw. Accepted 58
Pteris vittata L. Accepted 58
Pteris wallichiana J. Agardh Accepted 29
Pteris wangiana Ching Accepted None
Pteris wulaiensis C. M. Kuo Accepted 29
Pteris albersii Hieron. Unresolved 116
Pteris arborea L. Unresolved 58
Pteris arguta Ait. Unresolved 29
Pteris arguta H. ;. Wall. Unresolved 58
Pteris argyraea T. Moore Unresolved 29
Pteris atrovirens Willd. Unresolved 58
Pteris bifurcata Ching Unresolved None
Pteris boninensis H. Ohba Unresolved 29
Pteris confusa T. G. Walker Unresolved 29
Pteris gongalensis T. G. Walker Unresolved None
Pteris holttumii C. Chr. Unresolved 58
Pteris incompleta Cav. Unresolved 29
Pteris kingiana Endl. Unresolved None
Pteris laurisilvicola S. Kurata Unresolved 29
Pteris ligulata Gaudich. Unresolved 58
Pteris macilenta A. Rich. Unresolved 58
Pteris multiaurita C. Agardh Unresolved 29
Pteris natiensis Tagawa Unresolved 58
Pteris novae-caledoniae Hook. Unresolved 58
Pteris orientalis Alderw. Unresolved None
Pteris ottaria Bedd. Unresolved 58
Pteris pacifica Hieron. Unresolved 29
Pteris papuana Ces. Unresolved 58
Pteris plumbea Christ Unresolved 29
Pteris praetermissa T. G. Walker Unresolved 29
Pteris pseudoquadriaurita Khullar Unresolved 29
Pteris reptans T. G. Walker Unresolved 29
Pteris saxatilis Carse Unresolved 29
Pteris scabripes Wall. ex Ag. Unresolved 29
Pteris scabririgens Fraser-Jenk. & S. C. Verma & T. G. Walker Unresolved 29
Pteris serrulata Forssk. Unresolved 29
Pteris silentvalliensis N. C. Nair Unresolved 87
Pteris sinensis Ching Unresolved 29
Pteris spinescens C. Presl Unresolved 29
Pteris spinulifera Schum. Unresolved 29
Pteris subquinata Wall. ex J. Agardh Unresolved 29
Pteris terminalis Wall. Unresolved 29
Pteris trachyphylla Kunze Unresolved 29
Pteris umbrosa R. Br. Unresolved 58
Pteris warburgii C. C. Chr. Unresolved 29
Pteris werneri Holttum Unresolved 29
Pteris yamatensis Tagawa Unresolved 58
Pteris siliquosa (L.) P. Beauv. Synonym of Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn. 30
Pteris hirsuta Poir. Synonym of Cheilanthes nudiuscula (R. Br.) T. Moore 87
Pteris sterilis C. Presl Synonym of Pteris altissima Poir. 58
Pteris tokioi Masam. Synonym of Pteris amoena Blume 58
Pteris argyraea Synonym of Pteris argyraea T. Moore 29
Pteris argyraea M. S. .. 1. Synonym of Pteris argyraea T. Moore 29
Pteris comans G. Forst. Synonym of Pteris berteroana C. Agardh 29
Pteris pellucida C. Presl Synonym of Pteris camerooniana Kuhn 29
Pteris pellucida C. Presl Synonym of Pteris camerooniana Kuhn 29
Pteris cretica var. cretica Synonym of Pteris cretica L. 58
Pteris ensiformis None Synonym of Pteris ensiformis Burm. 58
Pteris excelsa var. excelsa Synonym of Pteris excelsa Gaudich. 29
Pteris inaequalis var. aequata (Miq.) Tagawa Synonym of Pteris excelsa Gaudich. 29
Pteris inaequalis Baker Synonym of Pteris excelsa var. inaequalis (Baker) S. H. Wu 58
Pteris takeoi Hayata Synonym of Pteris formosana Baker 29
Pteris friesii None Synonym of Pteris friesii Hieron. 87
Pteris haenkeana None Synonym of Pteris haenkeana C. Presl 58
Pteris intricata Synonym of Pteris intricata C. H. Wright 116
Pteris kiuschiuensis Synonym of Pteris kiuschiuensis Hieron. 29
Pteris kiuschiuensis None Synonym of Pteris kiuschiuensis Hieron. 29
Pteris lidgatei None Synonym of Pteris lidgatei (Baker) Christ 58
Pteris nemoralis Willd. Synonym of Pteris linearis Poir. 29
Pteris longifolia None Synonym of Pteris longifolia L. 58
Pteris nakasimae Tagawa Synonym of Pteris mcclurei Ching 29
Pteris oshimensis Synonym of Pteris oshimensis Hieron. 87
Platyzoma microphyllum R. Br. Synonym of Pteris platyzomopsis Christenh. & H. Schneid. 38
Pteris quadriaurita var. pungens (Willd.) J. Bommer & Christ Synonym of Pteris pungens Willd. 29
Pteris roseolilacina Synonym of Pteris roseolilacina Hieron. 29
Pteris roseolilacina None Synonym of Pteris roseolilacina Hieron. 29
Pteris setulosocostulata Synonym of Pteris setulosocostulata Hayata 87
Pteris togoensis Synonym of Pteris togoensis Hieron. 29
Pteris marginata Bory Synonym of Pteris tripartita Sw. 58
Pteris wallichiana var. wallichiana Synonym of Pteris wallichiana J. Agardh 29
Pteris lineata L. Synonym of Vittaria lineata (L.) Sm. 29
Pteris palustris Poir. Synonym of Monogonia palustris (Poir.) C. Presl 29