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4 chromosome counts in Dianthus integer Vis.:

Name Accepted Name Gametophytic(n) Sporophytic(2n) Data Source reference
  Dianthus petraeus subsp. integer (Vis.) Tutin Dianthus integer Vis.   60 IPCN online Van Loon, J. C. & A. K. V. Setten. 1982. IN: IOPB Plant chromosome number reports. Taxon 31: 589–592.
  Dianthus prenjus Beck Dianthus integer Vis.   30 IPCN online Siljak-yakovlev, S. 1981. In Chromosome number reports LXXIII. Taxon 30: 843–844.
!   Dianthus integer Vis. Dianthus integer Vis.   60 C-values database Siljak-Yakovlev S, Pustahija F, Šolic EM, Bogunic F, Muratovic E, Bašic N, Catrice O, Brown SC. 2010. Towards a genome size and chromosome number database of Balkan flora: C-values in 343 taxa with novel values for 242. Advanced Science Letters 3: 190-213
  Dianthus integer Vis. Dianthus integer Vis.   60 Cave1957 Carolin