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4 chromosome counts in Clematis viticella:

Name Accepted Name Gametophytic(n) Sporophytic(2n) Data Source reference
!   Clematis viticella Clematis viticella L.   16 IPCN online Peruzzi, L. & G. Cesca. 2003. Mediterranean chromosome number reports 13 (1348--1356). Fl. Medit. 13: 373–382.
!   Clematis viticella L. Clematis viticella L.   16 CHROBASE PERUZZI L., CESCA G. - 2003. Reports 1348-1356. In: Kamari G., Blanch C., Garbari F. (Eds.). Mediterranean chromosome number reports 13. Flora Medit. , 13: 373-382.
!   Clematis viticella L. Clematis viticella L.   16 flora of NW Europe
  Clematis viticella var. campaniflora (Brot.) Willk. Clematis campaniflora Brot.   16 IPCN67-71 KURITA, M. 1957. Chromosome studies in Ranunculaceae IV. Karyotypes of the three genera, Paeonia, Nigella and Clematis. Rep. Biol. Inst. Ehime Univ. 2: 9-16.