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3 chromosome counts in Hygrohypnum eugyrium:

Name Accepted Name Gametophytic(n) Sporophytic(2n) Data Source reference
!   Hygrohypnum eugyrium Hygrohypnum eugyrium (Schimp.) Loeske 8   IPCN67-71 SMITH, A.J.E., & M.E. NEWTON. 1968. Chromosome studies on some British and Irish mosses. III. Trans. Brit. Bryol. Soc. 5: 463-522.
!   Hygrohypnum eugyrium (Br. & Sch.) Loeske Hygrohypnum eugyrium (Schimp.) Loeske 11   IPCN67-71 KHANNA, K. R. 1967. Cytological investigation of the mosses of the Rocky Mountains. Univ. Colo. studies Ser. Biol. No. 26: 1-39.
!   Hygrohypnum eugyrium (Schimp.) Loeske Hygrohypnum eugyrium (Schimp.) Loeske 11,8,   Fritsch1991 Fritsch, Reinhard. Index to bryophyte chromosome counts. J. Cramer, 1991. by REINHARD FRITSCH