8 species in "Cachrys" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Cachrys crassiloba (Boiss.) Meikle Accepted 11
Cachrys libanotis L. Accepted 11
Cachrys sicula L. Accepted 11
Cachrys macrocarpa Ledeb. Unresolved 11
Hippomarathrum pterochlaenum (DC.) Boiss. Synonym of Cachrys sicula L. 11
Cachrys ferulacea (L.) Calest. Synonym of Prangos ferulacea (L.) Lindl. 22
Cachrys odontalgica Pall. Synonym of Prangos odontalgica (Pall.) Herrnst. & Heyn 11
Cachrys trifida Mill. Synonym of Prangos trifida (Mill.) Herrnst. & Heyn 11