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23 species in "Moehringia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Moehringia bavarica (L.) Gren. Accepted 12
Moehringia ciliata (Scop.) D. Torre Accepted 12
Moehringia dielsiana Mattf. Accepted 12
Moehringia diversifolia Dolliner ex Koch Accepted 12
Moehringia glaucovirens Bertol. Accepted 12
Moehringia intricata R. Roem. ex Willk. Accepted 13
Moehringia lateriflora (L.) Fenzl Accepted 24
Moehringia lebrunii Merxm. Accepted 12
Moehringia macrophylla (Hook.) Fenzl Accepted 24
Moehringia markgrafii Merxm. & Gutermann Accepted 12
Moehringia muscosa L. Accepted 12
Moehringia papulosa Bertol. Accepted 12
Moehringia pendula (Waldst. & Kit.) Fenzl Accepted 24
Moehringia pentandra J. Gay Accepted 24
Moehringia sedoides (Pers.) Cumino ex Loisel. Accepted 12
Moehringia trinervia (L.) Clairv. Accepted 12
Moehringia malyi Halácsy Unresolved 12
Moehringia bavarica Synonym of Moehringia bavarica (L.) Gren. 12
Moehringia muscosa None Synonym of Moehringia muscosa L. 12
Moehringia dasyphylla Bruno ex Gren. & Godr. Synonym of Moehringia sedoides (Pers.) Cumino ex Loisel. 12
Moehringia fontqueri Pau Synonym of Moehringia tejedensis Willk. 12
Moehringia trinervia Synonym of Moehringia trinervia (L.) Clairv. 12
Moehringia trinervia None Synonym of Moehringia trinervia (L.) Clairv. 12