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40 species in "Calea" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Calea angusta S. F. Blake Accepted 13
Calea clematidea Baker Accepted 19
Calea glomerata Klatt Accepted 19
Calea huigrensis S. F. Blake Accepted 19
Calea integrifolia (DC.) Hemsl. Accepted 16
Calea jamaicensis (L.) L. Accepted 19
Calea jelskii Hieron. Accepted 19
Calea megacephala B. L. Rob. & Greenm. Accepted 19
Calea pilosa Baker Accepted 13
Calea pinnatifida (R. Br.) Banks ex Steud. Accepted 19
Calea prunifolia Kunth Accepted 19
Calea quadrifolia Pruski & Urbatsch Accepted 19
Calea reticulata Gardner Accepted 18
Calea scabra (Lag.) B. L. Rob. Accepted 16
Calea septuplinervia Hieron. Accepted 19
Calea serrata Less. Accepted 19
Calea sickii (G. M. Barroso) Urbatsch & Zlotsky & Pruski Accepted 19
Calea solidaginea Kunth Accepted 19
Calea uniflora Less. Accepted 16
Calea urticifolia (Mill.) DC. Accepted 19
Calea verticillata (Klatt) Pruski Accepted 16
Calea zacatechichi Schltdl. Accepted 18
Calea caracasana Hieron. Unresolved 24
Calea longipes S. F. Blake Unresolved 16
Calea ternifolia Kunth Unresolved 19
Calea ternifolia var. calyculata (B. L. Rob.) Wussow & Urbatsch & G. A. Sullivan Unresolved 19
Calea uniflora Krasch. Unresolved 16
Calea caracasana (Kunth) Kuntze Synonym of Alloispermum caracasanum (Kunth) H. Rob. 24
Calea scabrifolia (Hook. & Arn.) Benth. ex Hemsl. Synonym of Alloispermum scabrifolium (Hook. & Arn.) H. Rob. None
Calea peduncularis Kunth Synonym of Alloispermum scabrum (Lag.) H. Rob. 32
Calea integrifolia (D. ). H. (aff.) Synonym of Calea integrifolia (DC.) Hemsl. 16
Calea trichotoma D. Sm. Synonym of Calea jamaicensis (L.) L. 19
Calea cardonae Maguire & Wurdack Synonym of Calea lucidivenia var. cardonae (Maguire & Wurdack) Pruski 19
Calea deltophylla R. S. Cowan Synonym of Calea solidaginea subsp. deltophylla (R. S. Cowan) Pruski 19
Calea liebmannii S. Bip. ex Klatt Synonym of Calea ternifolia Kunth 19
Calea ternifolia Synonym of Calea ternifolia Kunth 19
Calea urticifolia var. urticifolia Synonym of Calea urticifolia (Mill.) DC. 19
Calea nelsonii B. L. Rob. & Greenm. Synonym of Calea zacatechichi Schltdl. 18
Calea palmeri S. Watson ex A. Gray Synonym of Sabazia palmeri (S. Watson) Urbatsch & B. L. Turner 16
Calea guatemalensis D. Sm. Synonym of Tetrachyron orizabaensis (Klatt) Wussow & Urbatsch 16