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45 species in "Cosmos" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Cosmos atrosanguineus (Hook.) Voss Accepted 24
Cosmos bipinnatus Cav. Accepted 12
Cosmos carvifolius Benth. Accepted 11
Cosmos caudatus Kunth Accepted 24
Cosmos concolor Sherff Accepted 36
Cosmos crithmifolius Kunth Accepted 33
Cosmos deficiens (Sherff) Melchert Accepted 12
Cosmos diversifolius Otto ex Otto Accepted 12
Cosmos intercedens Sherff Accepted 11
Cosmos jaliscensis Sherff Accepted 24
Cosmos juxtlahuacensis Panero & Villaseñor Accepted 13
Cosmos landii Sherff Accepted 22
Cosmos linearifolius (S. Bip.) Hemsl. Accepted 11
Cosmos mcvaughii Sherff Accepted 12
Cosmos modestus Sherff Accepted 12
Cosmos montanus Sherff Accepted 12
Cosmos ochroleucoflorus Melchert Accepted 22
Cosmos palmeri B. L. Rob. Accepted 17
Cosmos parviflorus (Jacq.) Pers. Accepted 12
Cosmos peucedanifolius Wedd. Accepted 12
Cosmos pringlei B. L. Rob. & Fernald Accepted 46
Cosmos purpureus (DC.) Benth. & Hook. ex Hemsl. Accepted 23
Cosmos scabiosoides Kunth Accepted 12
Cosmos schaffneri Sherff Accepted 12
Cosmos sessilis var. stellatus (Sherff) Melchert Accepted 12
Cosmos sherffii Melchert Accepted 12
Cosmos sulphureus Cav. Accepted 12
Cosmos atrosanguineus Stapf Unresolved 24
Cosmos ocellatus Greenm. Synonym of Bidens ocellatus (Greenm.) Melchert 12
Cosmos exiguus A. Gray Synonym of Bidens rostrata Melchert 11
Bidens atrosanguinea (Hook.) Ortgies Synonym of Cosmos atrosanguineus (Hook.) Voss 24
Bidens dahlioides S. Watson Synonym of Cosmos diversifolius var. dahlioides (S. Watson) Melchert 12
Cosmos landii var. achalconensis Melchert Synonym of Cosmos landii Sherff 22
Cosmos landii var. landii Synonym of Cosmos landii Sherff 22
Cosmos linearifolius var. linearifolius Synonym of Cosmos linearifolius (S. Bip.) Hemsl. 11
Cosmos linearifolius var. magnifolius Sherff Synonym of Cosmos linearifolius (S. Bip.) Hemsl. 11
Cosmos montanus var. pinnatus Sherff Synonym of Cosmos montanus Sherff 12
Cosmos pacificus var. pacificus Synonym of Cosmos pacificus Melchert 12
Cosmos palmeri var. palmeri Synonym of Cosmos palmeri B. L. Rob. 17
Cosmos parviflorus (Jacq.) Kunth Synonym of Cosmos parviflorus (Jacq.) Pers. 12
Cosmos peucedanifolius var. peucedanifolius Synonym of Cosmos peucedanifolius Wedd. 12
Cosmos marginatus Klatt Synonym of Cosmos peucedanifolius var. tiraquensis (Kuntze) Sherff 24
Cosmos purpureus var. flavidiscus Sherff Synonym of Cosmos purpureus (DC.) Benth. & Hook. ex Hemsl. 23
Cosmos purpureus var. purpureus Synonym of Cosmos purpureus (DC.) Benth. & Hook. ex Hemsl. 23
Cosmos sulphureus var. sulphureus Synonym of Cosmos sulphureus Cav. 12