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178 species in "Cousinia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Cousinia adenostegia Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia affinis Schrenk Accepted 12
Cousinia aggregata DC. Accepted 13
Cousinia albiflora (Bornm. & Sint.) Bornm. Accepted 13
Cousinia aleppica Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia alexeenkoana Bornm. Accepted 13
Cousinia anomala Franch. Accepted 18
Cousinia arachnoidea DC. Accepted 12
Cousinia araneosa DC. Accepted 12
Cousinia archibaldii Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia arctioides Schrenk Accepted 18
Cousinia arctotidifolia Bunge Accepted 12
Cousinia assyriaca Jaub. & Spach Accepted 13
Cousinia astracanica (Spreng.) Tamamsch. Accepted 12
Cousinia aurea C. Winkl. Accepted 18
Cousinia bachtiarica Boiss. & Hausskn. Accepted 13
Cousinia barbeyi C. Winkl. Accepted 12
Cousinia batalinii C. Winkl. Accepted 13
Cousinia beckeri Trautv. Accepted 9
Cousinia behboudiana Rech. & Esfand. Accepted 12
Cousinia belangeri DC. Accepted 13
Cousinia bijarensis Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia bipinnata Boiss. Accepted 9
Cousinia boissieri Buhse Accepted 12
Cousinia bonvalotii Franch. Accepted 12
Cousinia caespitosa C. Winkl. Accepted 11
Cousinia calocephala Jaub. & Spach Accepted 12
Cousinia calolepis Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia candolleana Jaub. & Spach Accepted 9
Cousinia canescens DC. Accepted 12
Cousinia centauroides Regel Accepted 12
Cousinia chamaepeuce Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia chlorosphaera Bornm. Accepted 12
Cousinia chrysantha Kult. Accepted 12
Cousinia coerulea Kult. ex Tscherneva Accepted 12
Cousinia commutata Bunge Accepted 13
Cousinia concinna Boiss. & Hausskn. Accepted 12
Cousinia concolor Bunge Accepted 13
Cousinia congesta Bunge Accepted 12
Cousinia coronata Franch. Accepted 13
Cousinia crispa Jaub. & Spach Accepted 13
Cousinia cylindracea Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia cymbolepis Boiss. Accepted 12
Cousinia decipiens Boiss. & Buhse Accepted 13
Cousinia decumbens Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia dimoana Kult. Accepted 13
Cousinia discolor Bunge Accepted 13
Cousinia dissecta Kar. & Kir. Accepted 9
Cousinia elata Boiss. & Buhse Accepted 13
Cousinia eryngioides Boiss. Accepted 11
Cousinia esfandiarii Rech. & Aellen Accepted 13
Cousinia farsistanica Bornm. Accepted 12
Cousinia ferruginea Kult. Accepted 13
Cousinia franchetii C. Winkl. Accepted 13
Cousinia gabrieljaniae Takht. & Tamanian Accepted 12
Cousinia gaubae Bornm. Accepted 13
Cousinia gigantolepis Rech. Accepted 10
Cousinia glandulosa Kult. Accepted 13
Cousinia glaucopsis Bornm. & Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia gmelini C. Winkl. Accepted 12
Cousinia gracilis Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia grandifolia Kult. Accepted 18
Cousinia hamadae Juz. Accepted 12
Cousinia hamadanensis Rech. Accepted 12
Cousinia harazensis Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia heliantha Bunge Accepted 13
Cousinia horridula Juz. Accepted 9
Cousinia hypoleuca Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia hypopolia Bornm. & Sint. Accepted 9
Cousinia integrifolia Franch. Accepted 12
Cousinia iranica Winkl. & Strauss ex Winkl. Accepted 12
Cousinia irritans Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia karatavica Regel & Schmalh. Accepted 18
Cousinia keredjensis Bornm. & Gauba Accepted 12
Cousinia khorramabadensis Bornm. Accepted 12
Cousinia kirrindica Bornm. & Rech. Accepted 12
Cousinia kornhuberi Heimerl Accepted 12
Cousinia kotschyi Boiss. Accepted 12
Cousinia lachnosphaera Bunge Accepted 12
Cousinia lactiflora Rech. Accepted 12
Cousinia lasiandra Bunge Accepted 13
Cousinia leiocephala (Regel) Juz. Accepted 11
Cousinia leptolepis (Bornm. & Gauba) Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia libanotica DC. Accepted 12
Cousinia lucida DC. Accepted 13
Cousinia lyrata Bunge Accepted 12
Cousinia macrocephala C. A. Mey. Accepted 10
Cousinia macroptera C. A. Mey. ex DC. Accepted 13
Cousinia magnifica Juz. Accepted 12
Cousinia meshhedensis Bornm. & Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia microcarpa Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia microcephala C. A. Mey. ex DC. Accepted None
Cousinia mindshelkensis B. Fedtsch. Accepted 12
Cousinia minkwitziae Bornm. Accepted 12
Cousinia mulgediifolia Bornm. Accepted 13
Cousinia multiloba DC. Accepted 13
Cousinia nekarmanica Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia noeana Boiss. Accepted 12
Cousinia oligocephala Hausskn. ex Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia onopordioides Ledeb. Accepted 12
Cousinia outichaschensis Franch. Accepted 13
Cousinia pentacanthoides Juz. ex Tscherneva Accepted 18
Cousinia phyllocephala Bornm. & Gauba Accepted 12
Cousinia pichleriana Bornm. ex Rech. Accepted 12
Cousinia pinarocephala Boiss. Accepted 12
Cousinia piptocephala Bunge Accepted 12
Cousinia platylepis Schrenk Accepted 11
Cousinia platyptera Bornm. Accepted 13
Cousinia polycephala Rupr. Accepted 12
Cousinia prasina Jaub. & Spach Accepted 13
Cousinia princeps Franch. Accepted 13
Cousinia prolifera Jaub. & Spach Accepted 10
Cousinia pseudarctium Bornm. Accepted 18
Cousinia pseudoaffinis Kult. Accepted 12
Cousinia pseudodshisakensis Tschern. & Vved. Accepted 13
Cousinia pterocaulos (C. A. Mey.) Rech. Accepted 12
Cousinia pugionifera Jaub. & Spach Accepted 12
Cousinia pulchella Bunge Accepted 11
Cousinia purpurea C. A. Mey. ex DC. Accepted 12
Cousinia radians Bunge Accepted 13
Cousinia raphiostegia Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia recurvata DC. Accepted 12
Cousinia regelii C. Winkl. Accepted 12
Cousinia renominata Rech. Accepted 11
Cousinia sagittata C. Winkl. & Strauss Accepted 12
Cousinia sarawschanica C. Winkl. Accepted 12
Cousinia schtschurowskiana Regel & Schmalh. Accepted 13
Cousinia sewertzowii Regel Accepted 11
Cousinia sphaerocephala Jaub. & Spach Accepted 13
Cousinia splendida C. Winkl. Accepted 12
Cousinia stahliana Bornm. & Gauba Accepted 13
Cousinia stereolepis Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia stocksii C. Winkl. Accepted 12
Cousinia straussii Hausskn. & Winkl. ex Winkl. Accepted 12
Cousinia subinflata Bornm. Accepted 12
Cousinia submutica Franch. Accepted 13
Cousinia syrdariensis Kult. Accepted 12
Cousinia tabrisiana Bunge Accepted None
Cousinia tenella Fisch. & C. A. Mey. Accepted 13
Cousinia tenuifolia C. A. Mey. ex DC. Accepted None
Cousinia tenuiramula Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia thamnodes Boiss. & Hausskn. Accepted 13
Cousinia tianschanica Kult. Accepted 13
Cousinia trachylepis Bunge Accepted 13
Cousinia trachyphyllaria Bornm. & Rech. Accepted 13
Cousinia triflora Schrenk Accepted 18
Cousinia umbrosa Bunge Accepted 18
Cousinia urumiensis Bornm. Accepted None
Cousinia verbascifolia Bunge Accepted 12
Cousinia wilhelminae Rech. Accepted 12
Cousinia xiphiolepis Boiss. Accepted 13
Cousinia zardkuhensis Attar & Ghahr. Accepted 12
Cousinia aitchisonii C. Winkl. Unresolved 13
Cousinia arachnoidea Fisch. & C. A. Mey. Unresolved 12
Cousinia botschantzevil Juz. ex Tschern. Unresolved 12
Cousinia centauroides Fisch. & C. A. Mey. Unresolved 12
Cousinia garadaghensis Rech. Unresolved 8
Cousinia sheidaii Attar & Ghahrem. & Mahdigholi Unresolved 13
Cousinia botschantzevii Juz. ex Tschern. Synonym of Cousinia botschantzevii Juz. ex Tscherneva 12
Cousinia buphthalmoides R. &. Schmalh. Synonym of Cousinia buphthalmoides Regel 12
Cousinia calcitrapa var. calcitrapa Synonym of Cousinia calcitrapa Boiss. 13
Cousinia elburzensis Attar & Mahdigholi & Ghahreman Synonym of Cousinia elburzensis Attar & Mahdigholi & Ghahrem. 12
Cousinia gabrieljaniae T. &. Tamanjan Synonym of Cousinia gabrieljaniae Takht. & Tamanian 12
Cousinia hypopolia B. E. Sint. Synonym of Cousinia hypopolia Bornm. & Sint. 9
Arctium karatavicum Kuntze Synonym of Cousinia karatavica Regel & Schmalh. 18
Cousinia silyboides Jaub. & Spach Synonym of Cousinia kotschyi Boiss. 12
Arctium lappaceum Kuntze Synonym of Cousinia lappacea Schrenk 18
Cousinia odontolepis Synonym of Cousinia odontolepis S. Bip. ex DC. 12
Cousinia carduiformis Cass. Synonym of Cousinia orientalis (Adams) K. Koch 13
Cousinia glauciifolia Kult. Synonym of Cousinia outichaschensis Franch. 13
Cousinia pergamacea Synonym of Cousinia pergamacea Boiss. & Hausskn. ex Boiss. & Hausskn. 12
Cousinia aralensis Bunge Synonym of Cousinia prolifera Jaub. & Spach 10
Cousinia minuta Boiss. Synonym of Cousinia prolifera Jaub. & Spach 10
Cousinia turkmenorum Bornm. & Gauba Synonym of Cousinia renominata Rech. 11
Cousinia sagittata Synonym of Cousinia sagittata C. Winkl. & Strauss 12
Arctium tomentellum Kuntze Synonym of Cousinia tomentella C. Winkl. 18
Arctium triflorum Kuntze Synonym of Cousinia triflora Schrenk 18
Arctium umbrosum Kuntze Synonym of Cousinia umbrosa Bunge 18