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53 species in "Helenium" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Helenium apterum (S. F. Blake) Bierner Accepted 17
Helenium arizonicum S. F. Blake Accepted 15
Helenium aromaticum (Hook.) L. H. Bailey Accepted 17
Helenium atacamense Cabrera Accepted 17
Helenium autumnale L. Accepted 17
Helenium bigelovii A. Gray Accepted 16
Helenium bolanderi A. Gray Accepted 16
Helenium brevifolium (Nutt.) A. Wood Accepted 13
Helenium campestre Small Accepted 14
Helenium drummondii H. Rock Accepted 16
Helenium elegans DC. Accepted 13
Helenium elegans var. amphibolum (A. Gray) Bierner Accepted 13
Helenium flexuosum Raf. Accepted 14
Helenium glaucum (Cav.) Stuntz Accepted 17
Helenium integrifolium Sessé & Moc. Accepted 15
Helenium laciniatum A. Gray Accepted 13
Helenium linifolium Rydb. Accepted 14
Helenium mexicanum Kunth Accepted 13
Helenium microcephalum DC. Accepted 13
Helenium microcephalum var. ooclinium (A. Gray) Bierner Accepted 13
Helenium ovallense Bierner Accepted 17
Helenium pinnatifidum (Schwein.) Rydb. Accepted 16
Helenium puberulum DC. Accepted 29
Helenium quadridentatum Labill. Accepted 13
Helenium radiatum (Less.) Seckt Accepted 34
Helenium scorzoneraefolium (DC.) A. Gray Accepted 17
Helenium tenuifolium Nutt. Accepted 15
Helenium thurberi A. Gray Accepted 13
Helenium urmenetae (Phil.) Cabrera Accepted 17
Helenium vallenariense (Phil.) Bierner Accepted 17
Helenium vernale Walter Accepted 17
Helenium virginicum S. F. Blake Accepted 13
Helenium amarum (Raf.) H. Rock Unresolved 15
Helenium amarum var. badium Waterf. Unresolved 15
Helenium brevifolium A. Gray Unresolved 13
Helenium decurrens (J. F. Macbr.) Moldenke Unresolved 20
Helenium mexicanum A. Gray Unresolved 14
Helenium mexicanum DC. Unresolved 13
Helenium quadridentatum Hook. Unresolved 13
Helenium amarum Synonym of Helenium amarum (Raf.) H. Rock 15
Helenium badium (A. Gray) Greene Synonym of Helenium amarum var. badium Waterf. 15
Helenium autumnale var. montanum (Nutt.) Fernald Synonym of Helenium autumnale L. 17
Helenium curtisii A. Gray Synonym of Helenium brevifolium (Nutt.) A. Wood 13
Helenium donianum (Hook. & Arn.) Cabrera Synonym of Helenium donianum (Hook. & Arn.) Seckt 34
Helenium elegans var. elegans Synonym of Helenium elegans DC. 13
Helenium nudiflorum Nutt. Synonym of Helenium flexuosum Raf. 14
Hymenoxys integrifolia (Kunth) Bierner Synonym of Helenium integrifolium (Kunth) Benth. & Hook. ex Hemsl. 15
Helenium microcephalum var. microcephalum Synonym of Helenium microcephalum DC. 13
Helenium decurrens (Less.) Vatke Synonym of Helenium puberulum DC. 29
Helenium alternifolium (Spreng.) Cabrera Synonym of Helenium radiatum (Less.) Seckt 34
Hecubaea scorzoneraefolia DC. Synonym of Helenium scorzoneraefolium (DC.) A. Gray 17
Helenium urmenetae var. urmenetae Synonym of Helenium urmenetae (Phil.) Cabrera 17
Helenium hoopesii A. Gray Synonym of Hymenoxys hoopesii (A. Gray) Bierner 15