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54 species in "Croton" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Croton argenteus L. Accepted 15
Croton argentinus M. Arg. Accepted 10
Croton argyrophyllus Kunth Accepted 10
Croton aromaticus L. Accepted 10
Croton blanchetianus Baill. Accepted 10
Croton bonplandianus Baill. Accepted 10
Croton cascarilloides Raeusch. Accepted 10
Croton caudatus Geiseler Accepted 10
Croton ciliatoglandulifer Ortega Accepted 10
Croton cortesianus Kunth Accepted 10
Croton dioicus Cav. Accepted 14
Croton glandulosus L. Accepted 8
Croton heliotropiifolius Kunth Accepted 20
Croton hirtus L'Hér. Accepted 8
Croton hutchinsonianus Hosseus Accepted 10
Croton jacobinensis Baill. Accepted 10
Croton joufra Roxb. Accepted 10
Croton kerrii A. Shaw Accepted 10
Croton klotzschianus (Wight) Thwaites Accepted 10
Croton kongensis Gagnep. Accepted 10
Croton monanthogynus Michx. Accepted 8
Croton palmeri S. Watson Accepted 8
Croton pedicellatus Kunth Accepted 9
Croton poilanei Gagnep. Accepted 10
Croton pulegioides M. Arg. Accepted 10
Croton punctatus Jacq. Accepted 14
Croton robustus Kurz Accepted 10
Croton ruizianus M. Arg. Accepted 32
Croton sarcopetalus M. Arg. Accepted 32
Croton stellatopilosus H. Ohba Accepted 10
Croton sublyratus Kurz Accepted 10
Croton thorelii Gagnep. Accepted 10
Croton tiglium L. Accepted 10
Croton urticifolius Lam. Accepted 10
Croton wigginsii L. C. Wheeler Accepted 14
Croton xalapensis Kunth Accepted 60
Croton lobatus L. Synonym of Astraea lobata (L.) Klotzsch 9
Croton roxburghii Wall. Synonym of Baliospermum solanifolium (Burm.) Suresh 10
Croton variegatus L. Synonym of Codiaeum variegatum (L.) Rumph. ex A. Juss. 44
Croton persicaria Baill. Synonym of Croton blanchetianus Baill. 10
Croton bonplandianus Synonym of Croton bonplandianus Baill. 10
Croton bonplandianus None Synonym of Croton bonplandianus Baill. 10
Croton sparsiflorus Morong Synonym of Croton bonplandianus Baill. 10
Croton californicus var. tenuis (S. Watson) A. M. Ferguson Synonym of Croton californicus M. Arg. 14
Croton caudatus Giesel. Synonym of Croton caudatus Geiseler 10
Croton grandivelum None Synonym of Croton grandivelum Baill. 19
Croton klotzschianus Wight Synonym of Croton klotzschianus (Wight) Thwaites 10
Croton lorentzii M. Arg. Synonym of Croton lanatus var. lorentzii (M. Arg.) P. E. Berry 10
Croton capitatus var. lindheimeri (Engelm. & A. Gray) M. Arg. Synonym of Croton lindheimeri (Engelm. & A. Gray) A. Wood 10
Croton oblongifolius Roxb. Synonym of Croton persimilis M. Arg. 10
Croton roxburghii N. P. Balakr. Synonym of Croton persimilis M. Arg. 10
Croton pottsii var. pottsii Synonym of Croton pottsii (Klotzsch) M. Arg. 20
Eremocarpus setigerus (Hook.) Benth. Synonym of Croton setigerus Hook. 10
Julocroton subpannosus M. Arg. Synonym of Croton subpannosus M. Arg. ex Griseb. 10