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31 species in "Neottia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Neottia acuminata Schltr. Accepted 18
Neottia camtschatea (L.) Rchb. Accepted 20
Neottia cordata (L.) Rich. Accepted 19
Neottia inayatii (Duthie) Schltr. Accepted 21
Neottia listeroides Lindl. Accepted 20
Neottia longicaulis (King & Pantl.) Szlach. Accepted 23
Neottia microphylla (S. C. Chen & Y. B. Luo) S. C. Chen & S. W. Gale & P. J. Cribb Accepted 20
Neottia nidus-avis (L.) Rich. Accepted 18
Neottia ovata (L.) Bluff & Fingerh. Accepted 17
Neottia papilligera Schltr. Accepted 18
Neottia pinetorum (Lindl.) Szlach. Accepted 20
Neottia asiatica Ohwi Synonym of Neottia acuminata Schltr. 18
Listera caurina Piper Synonym of Neottia banksiana (Lindl.) Rchb. 17
Listera borealis Morong Synonym of Neottia borealis (Morong) Szlach. 28
Neottia camtschatica (L.) Spreng. Synonym of Neottia camtschatea (L.) Rchb. 20
Listera convallarioides (Sw.) Torr. Synonym of Neottia convallarioides (Sw.) Rich. 18
Epipactis cordata (L.) All. Synonym of Neottia cordata (L.) Rich. 19
Listera cordata (L.) R. Br. Synonym of Neottia cordata (L.) Rich. 19
Listera cordata subsp. nephrophylla (Rydb.) Á. Löve & D. Löve Synonym of Neottia cordata (L.) Rich. 19
Listera cordata var. nephrophylla (Rydb.) Hultén Synonym of Neottia cordata (L.) Rich. 19
Listera kashmiriana Duthie Synonym of Neottia inayatii (Duthie) Schltr. 21
Listera japonica Blume Synonym of Neottia japonica (Blume) Szlach. 19
Listera lindleyana (Decne.) King & Pantl. Synonym of Neottia listeroides Lindl. 20
Listera longicaulis King & Pantl. Synonym of Neottia longicaulis (King & Pantl.) Szlach. 23
Listera makinoana Ohwi Synonym of Neottia makinoana (Ohwi) Szlach. 19
Listera microglottis Duthie Synonym of Neottia microglottis (Duthie) Schltr. 20
Listera nipponica Makino Synonym of Neottia nipponica (Makino) Szlach. 19
Listera ovata (L.) R. Br. Synonym of Neottia ovata (L.) Bluff & Fingerh. 17
Listera pinetorum Lindl. Synonym of Neottia pinetorum (Lindl.) Szlach. 20
Listera smallii Wiegand Synonym of Neottia smallii (Wiegand) Szlach. 19
Listera tenuis Lindl. Synonym of Neottia tenuis (Lindl.) Szlach. 20