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27 species in "Vanda" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Vanda alpina (Lindl.) Lindl. Accepted 19
Vanda brunnea Rchb. Accepted 38
Vanda coerulea Griff. ex Lindl. Accepted 19
Vanda coerulescens Griff. Accepted 19
Vanda concolor Blume Accepted 19
Vanda cristata Wall. ex Lindl. Accepted 19
Vanda lamellata Lindl. Accepted 19
Vanda luzonica Loher ex Rolfe Accepted 19
Vanda pumila Hook. Accepted 20
Vanda spathulata (L.) Spreng. Accepted 38
Vanda stangeana Rchb. Accepted 19
Vanda subconcolor Tang & F. T. Wang Accepted 19
Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex G. Don Accepted 19
Vanda testacea (Lindl.) Rchb. Accepted 19
Vanda tricolor var. suavis (Lindl.) Rchb. Accepted 19
Vanda sanderiana (Rchb.) Rchb. Synonym of Euanthe sanderiana (Rchb.) Schltr. 19
Vanda amesiana Rchb. Synonym of Holcoglossum amesianum (Rchb.) Christenson 19
Vanda parishii Veitch & Rchb. Synonym of Hygrochilus parishii (Veitch & Rchb.) Pfitzer 19
Vanda hookeriana Rchb. Synonym of Papilionanthe hookeriana (Rchb.) Schltr. 19
Vanda teres (Roxb.) Lindl. Synonym of Papilionanthe teres (Roxb.) Schltr. 19
Vanda denisoniana var. hebraica Rchb. Synonym of Vanda brunnea Rchb. 38
Aerides flabellata Rolfe ex Downie Synonym of Vanda flabellata (Rolfe) Christenson 19
Vanda spathulata Spreng. Synonym of Vanda spathulata (L.) Spreng. 38
Vanda roxburghii R. Br. Synonym of Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex G. Don 19
Vanda parviflora Lindl. Synonym of Vanda testacea (Lindl.) Rchb. 19
Vanda suavis Lindl. Synonym of Vanda tricolor var. suavis (Lindl.) Rchb. 19
Vanda batemannii Lindl. Synonym of Vandopsis lissochiloides (Gaudich.) Pfitzer 20