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30 species in "Bartsia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Bartsia adenophylla Molau Accepted 12
Bartsia alba Molau Accepted 12
Bartsia alpina L. Accepted 12
Bartsia camporum Diels Accepted 12
Bartsia diffusa Benth. Accepted 12
Bartsia filiformis Wedd. Accepted 24
Bartsia inaequalis subsp. brachyantha (Diels) Molau Accepted 24
Bartsia laticrenata Benth. Accepted 12
Bartsia mutica (Kunth) Benth. Accepted 12
Bartsia orthocarpiflora Benth. Accepted 12
Bartsia patens Benth. Accepted 24
Bartsia pedicularoides Benth. Accepted 24
Bartsia pumila Benth. Accepted 12
Bartsia pyricarpa Molau Accepted 24
Bartsia ramosa Molau Accepted 24
Bartsia sericea Molau Accepted 12
Bartsia stricta (Kunth) Benth. Accepted 22
Bartsia tenuis Molau Accepted 12
Bartsia thiantha Diels Accepted 12
Bartsia tomentosa Molau Accepted 12
Bartsia trixago L. Accepted 12
Euphrasia alpina (L.) Bubani Synonym of Bartsia alpina L. 12
Bartsia crisafullii subsp. crisafullii Synonym of Bartsia crisafullii N. H. Holmgren 24
Bartsia macrocalyx R. E. Fr. Synonym of Bartsia decurva Hochst. ex Benth. 14
Bartsia flava subsp. flava Synonym of Bartsia flava Molau 12
Bartsia inaequalis subsp. inaequalis Synonym of Bartsia inaequalis Benth. 12
Bartsia breviflora Benth. Synonym of Bartsia orthocarpiflora Benth. 12
Bartsia orthocarpiflora subsp. orthocarpiflora Synonym of Bartsia orthocarpiflora Benth. 12
Euphrasia stricta Kunth Synonym of Bartsia stricta (Kunth) Benth. 22
Bartsia viscosa L. Synonym of Parentucellia viscosa (L.) Caruel 24