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74 species in "Euphrasia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Euphrasia arctica Lange ex Rostrup Accepted 22
Euphrasia arctica subsp. borealis (F. Towns.) Yeo Accepted 22
Euphrasia arctica subsp. tenuis (Brenner) Yeo Accepted 22
Euphrasia brevipila Burn. & Gremli Accepted 22
Euphrasia formosissima Skottsb. Accepted 44
Euphrasia frigida Pugsley Accepted 22
Euphrasia hirtella Jord. ex Reut. Accepted 11
Euphrasia micrantha Rchb. Accepted 22
Euphrasia nemorosa Wettst. Accepted 22
Euphrasia oakesii Wettst. Accepted 22
Euphrasia ostenfeldii (Pugsley) Yeo Accepted 44
Euphrasia pectinata Ten. Accepted 22
Euphrasia salisburgensis Funck ex Hoppe Accepted 22
Euphrasia stricta D. Wolff Accepted 22
Euphrasia tetraquetra Arrond. Accepted 22
Euphrasia vernalis List Accepted 22
Euphrasia borealis (F. Towns.) Wettst. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia caudata W. R. Barker Unresolved 33
Euphrasia collina R. Br. Unresolved 54
Euphrasia confusa Sennen Unresolved 22
Euphrasia curta (Fr.) Wettst. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia cuspidata Hook. Unresolved 11
Euphrasia cuspidata S. -Lag. Unresolved 11
Euphrasia davidssonii Pugsley Unresolved 22
Euphrasia drosocalyx Freyn Unresolved 22
Euphrasia dunensis Wiinst. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia foulaensis F. Towns. ex Wettst. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia gibbsiae D. Rietz Unresolved None
Euphrasia himalayica Wettst. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia inopinata Ehrend. & Vitek Unresolved 11
Euphrasia marchesettii Wettst. ex Marches. Unresolved 11
Euphrasia marshallii Pugsley Unresolved 22
Euphrasia micrantha Brenner Unresolved 22
Euphrasia montana Phil. Unresolved 11
Euphrasia occidentalis Wettst. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia officinalis L. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia picta Beck Unresolved 11
Euphrasia picta Phil. Unresolved 11
Euphrasia platyphylla Pennell Unresolved 22
Euphrasia pseudokemeri Pugsley Unresolved 22
Euphrasia pumila A. Kern. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia rivularis Pugsley Unresolved 11
Euphrasia rostkoviana Hayne Unresolved 11
Euphrasia rotundifolia Pugsley Unresolved 22
Euphrasia scottica Wettst. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia sinuata Vitek & Ehrend. Unresolved 11
Euphrasia stiriaca Wettst. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia stricta Beck & Szyszył. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia stricta Schleich. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia tatrae Wettst. Unresolved 11
Euphrasia vigursii Davey Unresolved 11
Euphrasia vinacea P. D. Sell & Yeo Unresolved 22
Euphrasia williamsii B. L. Rob. Unresolved 22
Euphrasia willkommii Freyn Unresolved 22
Euphrasia × trikoviana Vitek Unresolved 11
Euphrasia alpina (L.) Bubani Synonym of Bartsia alpina L. 11
Euphrasia stricta Kunth Synonym of Bartsia stricta (Kunth) Benth. 22
Euphrasia alpina R. Br. Synonym of Euphrasia collina var. alpina Ewart 11
Euphrasia davidssonii None Synonym of Euphrasia davidssonii Pugsley 22
Euphrasia foulaensis Towns. Synonym of Euphrasia foulaensis F. Towns. ex Wettst. 22
Euphrasia anglica Pugsley Synonym of Euphrasia officinalis subsp. anglica (Pugsley) Silverside 11
Euphrasia kerneri Wettst. Synonym of Euphrasia officinalis subsp. kerneri (Wettst.) E. Fisch. 11
Euphrasia picta Wimmer Synonym of Euphrasia officinalis subsp. kerneri (Wettst.) E. Fisch. 11
Euphrasia montana Jord. Synonym of Euphrasia officinalis subsp. monticola Silverside 11
Euphrasia pseudokemeri Synonym of Euphrasia pseudokemeri Pugsley 22
Euphrasia pseudokemeri None Synonym of Euphrasia pseudokemeri Pugsley 22
Euphrasia rostkoviana Synonym of Euphrasia rostkoviana Hayne 11
Euphrasia alsa F. Muell. Synonym of Euphrasia scabra var. alsa (F. Muell.) J. H. Willis 28
Euphrasia scottica None Synonym of Euphrasia scottica Wettst. 22
Euphrasia minima Schloss. Synonym of Euphrasia simonkaiana Degen & Lengyel 22
Euphrasia tatarica Fisch. ex Spreng. Synonym of Euphrasia stricta var. tatarica (Fisch.) Fernald & Wiegand 22
Euphrasia minima subsp. tatrae Hayek Synonym of Euphrasia tatrae Wettst. 11
Euphrasia vernalis List. Synonym of Euphrasia vernalis List 22
Euphrasia vigursii None Synonym of Euphrasia vigursii Davey 11