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52 species in "Piper" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Piper arboreum Aubl. Accepted 13
Piper attenuatum B. -Ham. ex Miq. Accepted 26
Piper betle L. Accepted 26
Piper cernuum Vell. Accepted 13
Piper galeatum (Miq.) C. DC. Accepted 26
Piper hispidum Sw. Accepted 21
Piper kadsura (Choisy) Ohwi Accepted 78
Piper longum L. Accepted 24
Piper magnificum Trel. Accepted 13
Piper methysticum G. Forst. Accepted 65
Piper nigrum L. Accepted 26
Piper obliquum Ruiz & Pav. Accepted 26
Piper sylvestre Lam. Accepted 26
Piper trichostachyon (Miq.) C. DC. Accepted 26
Piper umbellatum L. Accepted 12
Piper unguiculatum Ruiz & Pav. Accepted 13
Piper argyrophyllum Miq. Unresolved 26
Piper barberi Gamble Unresolved 26
Piper chuvya Hunter ex C. DC. Unresolved 26
Piper cubeba L. Unresolved 12
Piper gibbilimbum C. DC. Unresolved 65
Piper hapnium B. -Ham. Unresolved 26
Piper hookeri Miq. Unresolved 52
Piper hymenophyllum (Miq.) Wight Unresolved 26
Piper ornatum N. E. Br. Unresolved 26
Piper porphyrophyllum N. E. Br. Unresolved 26
Piper scabrifolium Hook. & Arn. Unresolved 14
Piper schmidtii Hook. Unresolved 52
Piper thwaitseii C. DC. Unresolved None
Piper trineuron Miq. Unresolved 13
Piper wightii Miq. Unresolved 26
Piper elongatum (Kunth) Poir. Synonym of Peperomia elongata Kunth 35
Piper brachystachyum Vahl Synonym of Peperomia filiformis Ruiz & Pav. 104
Piper foliosum (Kunth) Poir. Synonym of Peperomia foliosa Kunth 14
Piper concinnum Haw. Synonym of Peperomia pellucida (L.) Kunth 7
Piper medium Jacq. Synonym of Piper amalago L. 14
Piper geniculatum Sw. Synonym of Piper arboreum Aubl. 13
Piper cuspidatum Nutt. Synonym of Piper cuspidatum Ham. 14
Piper apiculatum C. DC. Synonym of Piper divaricatum G. Mey. 13
Piper colubrinum Link Synonym of Piper divaricatum G. Mey. 13
Macropiper excelsum Miq. Synonym of Piper excelsum G. Forst. 13
Piper scabrum Sw. Synonym of Piper hispidum Sw. 21
Macropiper hooglandii I. Hutton & P. S. Green Synonym of Piper hooglandii (I. Hutton & P. S. Green) M. A. Jaram. 13
Piper magnificum Gentil Synonym of Piper magnificum Trel. 13
Macropiper melchior Sykes Synonym of Piper melchior (Sykes) M. A. Jaram. 13
Piper wichmannii C. DC. Synonym of Piper methysticum var. wichmannii (C. DC.) Lebot 65
Piper nigrum Linn. Synonym of Piper nigrum L. 26
Pothomorphe peltata (L.) Miq. Synonym of Piper peltatum L. 13
Piper chaba Hunter Synonym of Piper retrofractum Vahl 12
Piper officinarum (Miq.) C. DC. Synonym of Piper retrofractum Vahl 12
Piper postelsianum Maxim. Synonym of Piper umbellatum L. 12
Piper subpeltatum Willd. Synonym of Piper umbellatum L. 12