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40 species in "Chloris" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Chloris andropogonoides E. Fourn. Accepted 20
Chloris barbata Sw. Accepted 20
Chloris bournei Rang. & Tadul. Accepted 20
Chloris ciliata Sw. Accepted 20
Chloris cucullata Bisch. Accepted 20
Chloris ekmanii C. L. Hitchc. Accepted 20
Chloris formosana (Honda) Keng Accepted 20
Chloris gayana Kunth Accepted 10
Chloris halophila Parodi Accepted 40
Chloris montana Roxb. Accepted 20
Chloris pilosa Schumach. & Thonn. Accepted 10
Chloris pycnothrix Trin. Accepted 20
Chloris quinquesetica Bhide Accepted 10
Chloris radiata (L.) Sw. Accepted 20
Chloris roxburghiana Schult. Accepted 10
Chloris rufescens Lag. Accepted 50
Chloris submutica Kunth Accepted 40
Chloris truncata R. Br. Accepted 20
Chloris verticillata Nutt. Accepted 20
Chloris virgata Sw. Accepted 10
Chloris inflata Link Synonym of Chloris barbata Sw. 20
Chloris berroi Arech. Synonym of Chloris berroi Arechav. 20
Chloris bournei R. E. Tad. Synonym of Chloris bournei Rang. & Tadul. 20
Chloris dandyana C. D. Adams Synonym of Chloris elata Desv. 20
Chloris polydactyla Sw. Synonym of Chloris elata Desv. 20
Chloris gracilis P. Durand Synonym of Chloris radiata (L.) Sw. 20
Chloris latisquamea Nash Synonym of Chloris subdolichostachya C. Muell. 32
Chloris caudata Trin. Synonym of Chloris virgata Sw. 10
Chloris chloridea (J. Presl) C. L. Hitchc. Synonym of Enteropogon chlorideus (J. Presl) Clayton 20
Chloris dolichostachya Lag. Synonym of Enteropogon dolichostachyus (Lag.) Keng 20
Chloris incompleta Roth Synonym of Enteropogon dolichostachyus (Lag.) Keng 20
Chloris mollis (Nees) Swallen Synonym of Enteropogon mollis (Nees) Clayton 20
Chloris prieurii Kunth Synonym of Enteropogon prieurii (Kunth) Clayton 20
Chloris acuminata Trin. Synonym of Eustachys distichophylla (Lag.) Nees 20
Chloris distichophylla Lag. Synonym of Eustachys distichophylla (Lag.) Nees 20
Chloris petraea Sw. Synonym of Eustachys petraea (Sw.) Desv. 20
Chloris uliginosa Hack. Synonym of Eustachys uliginosa (Hack.) Herter 20
Chloris gracilis Kunth Synonym of Leptochloa virgata (L.) P. Beauv. 15
Chloris scariosa F. Muell. Synonym of Oxychloris scariosa (F. Muell.) Lazarides 20
Chloris villosa (Desf.) Pers. Synonym of Tetrapogon villosus Desf. 5