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39 species in "Reseda" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Reseda alba L. Accepted 20
Reseda arabica Boiss. Accepted 6
Reseda aucheri Boiss. Accepted 16
Reseda barrelieri Bertol. ex M. Arg. Accepted 10
Reseda complicata Bory Accepted 14
Reseda decursiva Forssk. Accepted 12
Reseda glauca L. Accepted 14
Reseda gredensis (Cutanda & Willk.) M. Arg. Accepted 14
Reseda inodora Rchb. Accepted 6
Reseda lanceolata Lag. Accepted 12
Reseda lutea L. Accepted 24
Reseda luteola L. Accepted 13
Reseda media Lag. Accepted 6
Reseda odorata L. Accepted 6
Reseda paui V. Berm. & Kaercher Accepted 10
Reseda phyteuma L. Accepted 6
Reseda stricta Pers. Accepted 12
Reseda suffruticosa Loefl. Accepted 10
Reseda suffruticosa subsp. barrelieri (Bertol.) F. Casas & Molero & J. Pujadas Accepted 10
Reseda undata L. Accepted 10
Reseda villosa Coss. Accepted 16
Reseda virgata Boiss. & Reut. Accepted 14
Reseda crystallina Webb & Berthel. Unresolved 12
Reseda decumbens Desf. Unresolved 17
Reseda latifolia Castro-viejo & Valdes-Berm. Unresolved 30
Reseda macrocarpa Ehrenb. ex M. Arg. Unresolved 10
Reseda scoparia Brouss. ex Willd. Unresolved 15
Reseda spathulifolia Rothm. Unresolved 20
Reseda barrelieri var. macrocarpa (Molero) F. Casas Synonym of Reseda barrelieri Bertol. ex M. Arg. 10
Reseda lutea Synonym of Reseda lutea L. 24
Reseda lutea var. vivantii (P. Monts.) F. Casas & J. Molero Synonym of Reseda lutea L. 24
Reseda vivantii P. Monts. Synonym of Reseda lutea L. 24
Reseda luteola subsp. biaui Synonym of Reseda luteola subsp. biaui (Pit.) Maire 12
Reseda paui V. Berm. Synonym of Reseda paui V. Berm. & Kaercher 10
Reseda almijarensis (V. Berm. & Kaercher) R. Mart. Synonym of Reseda paui subsp. almijarensis V. Berm. & Kaercher 10
Sesamoides pygmaea (Scheele) Kuntze Synonym of Reseda phyteuma L. 6
Reseda suffruticosa None Synonym of Reseda suffruticosa Loefl. 10
Reseda boissieri M. Arg. Synonym of Reseda urnigera Webb 12
Reseda canescens L. Synonym of Sesamoides interrupta (Boreau) G. López 10