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157 species in "Alchemilla" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Alchemilla acutidens Buser Accepted 55
Alchemilla acutiformis S. E. Fr”hner Accepted 40
Alchemilla acutiloba Opiz Accepted 50
Alchemilla alpina L. Accepted 60
Alchemilla aranica S. E. Fr”hner Accepted 47
Alchemilla babiogorensis Pawl>l. Accepted 78
Alchemilla barbatiflora Juz. Accepted 59
Alchemilla borealis Sam. ex Juz. Accepted 72
Alchemilla bulgarica Rothm. Accepted 60
Alchemilla caucasica Buser Accepted 48
Alchemilla chlorosericea (Buser) Juz. Accepted 46
Alchemilla colorata Buser Accepted 48
Alchemilla compactilis Juz. Accepted 49
Alchemilla conjuncta Bab. Accepted 60
Alchemilla crinita Buser Accepted None
Alchemilla cryptantha Steud. ex A. Rich. Accepted 40
Alchemilla cymatophylla Juz. Accepted 53
Alchemilla daghestanica Juz. Accepted 48
Alchemilla dura Buser Accepted 54
Alchemilla ellenbergiana Rothm. Accepted 60
Alchemilla epipsila Juz. Accepted 53
Alchemilla erythropoda Juz. Accepted 48
Alchemilla eugenii Pawl>l. Accepted 81
Alchemilla faeroensis (Lange) Buser Accepted 110
Alchemilla filicaulis Buser Accepted 53
Alchemilla firma Buser Accepted 57
Alchemilla fissa Günther & Schummel Accepted 76
Alchemilla flabellata Buser Accepted 50
Alchemilla fulgens Buser Accepted 70
Alchemilla giewontica Pawl>l. Accepted 54
Alchemilla glabra Neygenf. Accepted 51
Alchemilla glabricaulis H. Lindb. Accepted 50
Alchemilla glacialis Buser Accepted 66
Alchemilla glaucescens Wallr. Accepted 55
Alchemilla glomerulans Buser Accepted 32
Alchemilla gorcensis Pawl>l. Accepted 49
Alchemilla grossidens Buser Accepted 32
Alchemilla heptagona Juz. Accepted 51
Alchemilla heterophylla Rothm. Accepted 50
Alchemilla hirsuticaulis H. Lindb. Accepted None
Alchemilla hirtipedicellata Juz. Accepted 43
Alchemilla hybrida (L.) L. Accepted 51
Alchemilla impexa Buser Accepted 50
Alchemilla incisa Buser Accepted 51
Alchemilla jasiewiczii Pawl>l. Accepted 80
Alchemilla languida Buser Accepted 53
Alchemilla lindbergiana Juz. Accepted 48
Alchemilla lithophila Juz. Accepted 32
Alchemilla micans Buser Accepted 52
Alchemilla minusculiflora Buser Accepted 47
Alchemilla mollis (Buser) Rothm. Accepted 51
Alchemilla monticola Opiz Accepted 53
Alchemilla murbeckiana Buser Accepted 51
Alchemilla obesa Plocek Accepted 52
Alchemilla obtusa Buser Accepted 50
Alchemilla oculimarina Pawl>l. Accepted 49
Alchemilla orthotricha Rothm. Accepted 32
Alchemilla oxyodonta (Buser) G. C. Westerl. Accepted 84
Alchemilla pallens Buser Accepted 61
Alchemilla pentaphyllea L. Accepted 48
Alchemilla pentaphylloides Buser Accepted 53
Alchemilla persica Rothm. Accepted 52
Alchemilla plicata Buser Accepted 52
Alchemilla porrectidens Juz. Accepted 43
Alchemilla pseudocartalinica Juz. Accepted 49
Alchemilla retinervis Buser Accepted 53
Alchemilla sarmatica Juz. Accepted 53
Alchemilla sericea Willd. Accepted 52
Alchemilla sericoneura Buser Accepted 48
Alchemilla sericoneuroides Pawl>l. Accepted 80
Alchemilla smirnovii Juz. Accepted 35
Alchemilla speciosa Buser Accepted 38
Alchemilla splendens H. Christ Accepted 75
Alchemilla stevenii Buser Accepted 49
Alchemilla straminea Buser Accepted 40
Alchemilla stricta Rothm. Accepted 33
Alchemilla subcrenata Buser Accepted 52
Alchemilla subglobosa G. C. Westerl. Accepted 48
Alchemilla tirolensis Buser ex D. Torre & Sarnth. Accepted None
Alchemilla transcaucasica Rothm. Accepted 64
Alchemilla transiens (Buser) Buser Accepted 86
Alchemilla valdehirsuta Buser Accepted 50
Alchemilla vetteri Buser Accepted 77
Alchemilla viridiflora Rothm. Accepted 50
Alchemilla vulcanica Cham. & Schltdl. Accepted 32
Alchemilla wichurae (Buser) S. nsson Accepted 53
Alchemilla xanthochlora Rothm. Accepted None
Alchemilla akdoganica Kalheber Unresolved 50
Alchemilla alpestris (F. W. Schmidt) Buser Unresolved 50
Alchemilla alpina M. Bieb. Unresolved 64
Alchemilla alpina Willk. Unresolved 70
Alchemilla amoena (Czeczott) Rothm. Unresolved 45
Alchemilla ancerensis Kalheber Unresolved 43
Alchemilla ayazii Kalheber Unresolved 32
Alchemilla ayderensis Kalheber Unresolved 57
Alchemilla basakii Kalheber Unresolved 35
Alchemilla beyazoglui Kalheber Unresolved 38
Alchemilla bornmuelleri Rothm. Unresolved 32
Alchemilla bursensis Pawl>l. Unresolved 48
Alchemilla cimilensis Kalheber Unresolved 32
Alchemilla ciminensis Pawl>l. Unresolved 35
Alchemilla elevitensis Kalheber Unresolved 42
Alchemilla erzincanensis Pawl>l. Unresolved 48
Alchemilla filicaulis Pittier & M. D¡az Unresolved 53
Alchemilla hayirlioglii Kalheber Unresolved 35
Alchemilla hemsinica Kalheber Unresolved 36
Alchemilla hessii Rothm. Unresolved 44
Alchemilla hirsutiflora (Buser) Rothm. Unresolved 45
Alchemilla holotricha Juz. Unresolved 34
Alchemilla ikizdereensis Kalheber Unresolved 54
Alchemilla indica Gardner Unresolved 16
Alchemilla kackarensis Kalheber Unresolved 33
Alchemilla orduensis Pawl>l. Unresolved 49
Alchemilla oriturcica Pawl>l. Unresolved 43
Alchemilla oxysepala Juz. Unresolved None
Alchemilla plicatissima S. E. Fr”hner Unresolved 52
Alchemilla pseudothmari Pawł. Unresolved 88
Alchemilla rizensis Pawl>l. Unresolved 37
Alchemilla rothmaleri Panigrahi & K. M. Purohit Unresolved 53
Alchemilla sericata Rchb. Unresolved 46
Alchemilla sintenisii Rothm. Unresolved 47
Alchemilla subcrenata H. Lindb. Unresolved 45
Alchemilla surculosa S. E. Fr”hner Unresolved 40
Alchemilla tiryalensis Pawl>l. Unresolved None
Alchemilla vulgaris L. Unresolved 51
Alchemilla ziganadagensis Pawl>l. Unresolved 36
Alchemilla acutangula Buser Synonym of Alchemilla acutiloba Opiz 50
Alchemilla acutiloba None Synonym of Alchemilla acutiloba Opiz 50
Alchemilla plicatula var. vestita (Buser) Rothm. Synonym of Alchemilla amphisericea Buser None
Alchemilla nebulosa Sam. Synonym of Alchemilla baltica Sam. ex Juz. 53
Alchemilla cymatophylla None Synonym of Alchemilla cymatophylla Juz. 53
Alchemilla filicaulis Bus. Synonym of Alchemilla filicaulis Buser 53
Alchemilla filicaulis subsp. filicaulis Synonym of Alchemilla filicaulis Buser 53
Alchemilla filicaulis subsp. vestita (Buser) M. E. Bradshaw Synonym of Alchemilla filicaulis Buser 53
Alchemilla filicaulis var. minima (Walters) Rothm. Synonym of Alchemilla filicaulis Buser 53
Alchemilla minima Walters Synonym of Alchemilla filicaulis Buser 53
Alchemilla vestita (Buser) Raunk. Synonym of Alchemilla filicaulis Buser 53
Alchemilla vulgaris subsp. glabra (Neygenf.) O. Bol•s & Vigo Synonym of Alchemilla glabra Neygenf. 51
Alchemilla glaucescens None Synonym of Alchemilla glaucescens Wallr. 55
Alchemilla intermedia Haller Synonym of Alchemilla helvetica Brügger 66
Alchemilla hybrida (L.) Mill. Synonym of Alchemilla hybrida (L.) L. 51
Alchemilla lapeyrousii Buser Synonym of Alchemilla hybrida (L.) L. 51
Alchemilla minor Huds. Synonym of Alchemilla hybrida (L.) L. 51
Alchemilla vulgaris subsp. minor (Huds.) E. G. Camus Synonym of Alchemilla hybrida (L.) L. 51
Alchemilla inconcinna None Synonym of Alchemilla inconcinna Buser None
Alchemilla acutiloba subsp. acutiloba Synonym of Alchemilla indivisa F. nek 50
Alchemilla acutiloba auct. Synonym of Alchemilla micans Buser 52
Alchemilla crinita auct. Synonym of Alchemilla monticola Opiz 53
Alchemilla gracilis Opiz Synonym of Alchemilla monticola Opiz 53
Alchemilla pastoralis Buser Synonym of Alchemilla monticola Opiz 53
Alchemilla xanthochlora auct. Synonym of Alchemilla monticola Opiz 53
Alchemilla glabra subsp. obtusa (Buser) D. l Synonym of Alchemilla obtusa Buser 50
Alchemilla pyrenaica Rothm. Synonym of Alchemilla othmarii Buser 70
Alchemilla ptychomnoa Juz. Synonym of Alchemilla ptychomnoa Rothm. 53
Alchemilla rigida Buser Synonym of Alchemilla sericata Rchb. 46
Alchemilla multiflora Buser ex Rothm. Synonym of Alchemilla tytthantha Juz. None
Alchemilla aphanoides Mutis ex L. Synonym of Lachemilla aphanoides (Mutis) Rothm. 48