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49 species in "Viscum" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Viscum album L. Accepted 10
Viscum album subsp. austriacum (Wiesb.) Vollm. Accepted 10
Viscum articulatum Burm. Accepted 12
Viscum capense L. Accepted 10
Viscum coloratum (Kom.) Nakai Accepted 10
Viscum combreticola Engl. Accepted 14
Viscum continuum E. Mey. ex Sprague Accepted 14
Viscum crassulae Eckl. & Zeyh. Accepted 12
Viscum cruciatum Sieber ex Boiss. Accepted 10
Viscum cuneifolium Baker Accepted 13
Viscum decaryi Lecomte Accepted 13
Viscum decurrens (Engl.) Baker & Sprague Accepted 14
Viscum echinocarpum Baker Accepted 11
Viscum engleri Tiegh. Accepted 14
Viscum fischeri Engl. Accepted 11
Viscum goetzei Engl. Accepted 14
Viscum hexapterum Balle Accepted 13
Viscum hildebrandtii Engl. Accepted 14
Viscum liquidambaricola Hayata Accepted 11
Viscum menyharthii Engl. & Schinz Accepted 14
Viscum minimum Harv. Accepted 14
Viscum multinerve (Hayata) Hayata Accepted 13
Viscum nervosum Hochst. ex A. Rich. Accepted 14
Viscum obovatum Harv. Accepted 12
Viscum obscurum Thunb. Accepted 15
Viscum oreophilum Wiens Accepted 14
Viscum ovalifolium DC. Accepted 22
Viscum pauciflorum L. Accepted 14
Viscum rhipsaloides Baker Accepted 14
Viscum rotundifolium L. Accepted 14
Viscum schimperi Engl. Accepted 28
Viscum spragueanum B. Davy Accepted 23
Viscum subserratum Schltr. Accepted 22
Viscum tenue Engl. Accepted 14
Viscum trachycarpum Baker Accepted 13
Viscum tuberculatum A. Rich. Accepted 23
Viscum verrucosum Harv. Accepted 14
Viscum angulatum B. Heyne ex DC. Unresolved 11
Viscum capitellatum Sm. Unresolved 12
Viscum flexicaule Barlow Unresolved 10
Viscum multiflorum Lecomte Unresolved 13
Viscum pedunculatum Barlow Unresolved 11
Viscum verruculosum Wight & Arn. Unresolved 14
Viscum whitei Blakely Unresolved 20
Viscum anceps Spreng. Synonym of Phoradendron anceps (Spreng.) M. Gómez 14
Viscum laxum Boiss. & Reut. Synonym of Viscum album subsp. austriacum (Wiesb.) Vollm. 10
Viscum alni-formosanae Hayata Synonym of Viscum coloratum (Kom.) Nakai 10
Viscum orientale Willd. Synonym of Viscum cruciatum Sieber ex Boiss. 10
Viscum capense subsp. hoolei Wiens Synonym of Viscum hoolei (Wiens) Polhill & Wiens 10