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81 species in "Verbascum" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Verbascum acaule (Bory & Chaub.) Kuntze Accepted 22
Verbascum austriacum Schott Accepted 13
Verbascum barnadesii Vahl Accepted 29
Verbascum bithynicum Boiss. Accepted 16
Verbascum blattaria L. Accepted 15
Verbascum boissieri (Heldr. & Sart.) Kuntze Accepted 18
Verbascum chaixii Vill. Accepted 15
Verbascum chaixii subsp. austriacum (Schott) Hayek Accepted 13
Verbascum creticum (L.) Cav. Accepted 26
Verbascum densiflorum Bertol. Accepted 16
Verbascum dentifolium Delile Accepted 32
Verbascum georgicum Benth. Accepted 15
Verbascum gnaphalodes M. Bieb. Accepted 18
Verbascum graecum Heldr. & Sart. Accepted 15
Verbascum lagurus Fisch. & C. A. Mey. Accepted 15
Verbascum lasianthum Boiss. ex Benth. Accepted 16
Verbascum litigiosum Samp. Accepted 18
Verbascum longifolium Ten. Accepted 16
Verbascum lychnitis L. Accepted 16
Verbascum mallophorum Boiss. & Heldr. Accepted 16
Verbascum nigrum L. Accepted 15
Verbascum niveum subsp. garganicum (Ten.) Murb. Accepted 16
Verbascum nobile Velen. Accepted 15
Verbascum phlomoides L. Accepted 16
Verbascum phoeniceum L. Accepted 16
Verbascum pinnatifidum Vahl Accepted 15
Verbascum pseudonobile Stoj. & Stef. Accepted 14
Verbascum pulverulentum Vill. Accepted 16
Verbascum pyramidatum M. Bieb. Accepted 16
Verbascum sinaiticum Benth. Accepted 28
Verbascum sinuatum L. Accepted 15
Verbascum speciosum Schrad. Accepted 15
Verbascum spinosum L. Accepted 13
Verbascum thapsus L. Accepted 18
Verbascum virgatum Stokes Accepted 32
Verbascum xanthophoeniceum Griseb. Accepted 15
Verbascum arcuatus L. Unresolved 23
Verbascum boerhavii Friv. ex Nyman Unresolved 22
Verbascum celsioides Benth. Unresolved 18
Verbascum cheiranthifolium Boiss. Unresolved 16
Verbascum danezeri Kuntze Unresolved 16
Verbascum davidovii Murb. Unresolved 16
Verbascum decaisneanum Kuntze Unresolved 28
Verbascum erianthum Benth. Unresolved 26
Verbascum erosum Cav. Unresolved 24
Verbascum fruticulosum Post Unresolved 15
Verbascum maurum Maire & Murb. Unresolved 32
Verbascum montanum Schrad. Unresolved 16
Verbascum pestalozzae Boiss. Unresolved 14
Verbascum ramosum Schrad. ex Colla Unresolved 8
Verbascum ternacha Hochst. ex A. Rich. Unresolved 24
Verbascum adrianopolitanum Synonym of Verbascum adrianopolitanum Podp. 12
Verbascum anisophyllum Synonym of Verbascum anisophyllum Murb. 16
Celsia arcturus (L.) L. Synonym of Verbascum arcturus L. 20
Celsia horizontalis Moench Synonym of Verbascum arcturus L. 20
Celsia battandieri Murb. Synonym of Verbascum battandieri (Murb.) H. -Mor. 23
Verbascum blattaria None Synonym of Verbascum blattaria L. 15
Verbascum boerhavei None Synonym of Verbascum boerhavei L. None
Celsia bugulifolia (Lam.) Jaub. & Spach Synonym of Verbascum bugulifolium Lam. 17
Verbascum chaixii subsp. chaixii Synonym of Verbascum chaixii Vill. 15
Celsia coromandelina Vahl Synonym of Verbascum chinense (L.) Santapau 40
Celsia cretica L. Synonym of Verbascum creticum (L.) Cav. 26
Celsia lyrata (Lam.) G. Don Synonym of Verbascum creticum (L.) Cav. 26
Verbascum thapsiforme Schrad. Synonym of Verbascum densiflorum Bertol. 16
Verbascum degenii Halácsy Synonym of Verbascum graecum Heldr. & Sart. 15
Celsia keniensis Murb. Synonym of Verbascum keniense (Murb.) H. -Mor. 23
Celsia maroccana Ball Synonym of Verbascum maroccanum (Ball) H. -Mor. 25
Verbascum abietinum Borbás Synonym of Verbascum nigrum subsp. abietinum (Borbás) I. K. Ferguson 15
Celsia orientalis L. Synonym of Verbascum orientale (L.) All. 24
Celsia pontica Boiss. Synonym of Verbascum ponticum Kuntze 17
Verbascum glanduligerum Velen. Synonym of Verbascum purpureum (Janka) H. -Mor. 12
Verbascum pyramidatum Bieb. Synonym of Verbascum pyramidatum M. Bieb. 16
Celsia roripifolia Halácsy Synonym of Verbascum roripifolium (Halácsy) I. K. Ferguson 21
Celsia rupestris Davidov Synonym of Verbascum rupestre (Davidov) I. K. Ferguson 24
Verbascum sinuatum Synonym of Verbascum sinuatum L. 15
Verbascum sinuatum None Synonym of Verbascum sinuatum L. 15
Verbascum speciosum Synonym of Verbascum speciosum Schrad. 15
Verbascum simplex Hoffmanns. & Link Synonym of Verbascum thapsus L. 18
Verbascum thapsus Synonym of Verbascum thapsus L. 18
Verbascum crassifolium DC. Synonym of Verbascum thapsus subsp. crassifolium (DC.) Murb. 16
Verbascum giganteum Willk. Synonym of Verbascum thapsus subsp. giganteum (Willk.) Nyman 18