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46 species in "Globba" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Globba albiflora Ridl. Accepted 16
Globba cernua Baker Accepted 16
Globba clarkei Baker Accepted 12
Globba curtisii Holttum Accepted 24
Globba emeiensis Z. Y. Zhu Accepted 12
Globba fragilis S. N. Lim Accepted 16
Globba franciscii Ridl. Accepted 16
Globba garrettii Kerr Accepted 16
Globba holttumii S. N. Lim Accepted 24
Globba kerrii Craib Accepted 16
Globba laeta K. Larsen Accepted 16
Globba leucantha var. bicolor Holttum Accepted 16
Globba marantina L. Accepted 24
Globba multifolia A. Takano & H. Okada Accepted 16
Globba nisbetiana Craib Accepted 16
Globba nuda K. Larsen Accepted 17
Globba obscura K. Larsen Accepted 16
Globba paniculata Valeton Accepted 16
Globba patens Miq. Accepted 16
Globba pendula Roxb. Accepted 16
Globba pendula subsp. montana (Ridl.) S. N. Lim Accepted 16
Globba pendula var. elegans (Ridl.) Holttum Accepted 16
Globba purpurascens Craib Accepted 16
Globba racemosa Sm. Accepted 12
Globba reflexa Craib Accepted 16
Globba schomburgkii Hook. Accepted 24
Globba variabilis Ridl. Accepted 24
Globba winitii C. H. Wright Accepted 16
Globba albiflora var. albiflora Synonym of Globba albiflora Ridl. 16
Globba cernua subsp. cernua Synonym of Globba cernua Baker 16
Globba unifolia var. sessiliflora Holttum Synonym of Globba corneri A. A. Weber 16
Globba flavibracteata Synonym of Globba flavibracteata A. Takano & H. Okada 24
Globba holttumii subsp. holttumii Synonym of Globba holttumii S. N. Lim 24
Globba barthei Gagnep. Synonym of Globba marantina L. 24
Globba bulbifera Roxb. Synonym of Globba marantina L. 24
Globba heterobractea K. Schum. Synonym of Globba marantina L. 24
Globba patens var. patens Synonym of Globba patens Miq. 16
Globba fasciata Ridl. Synonym of Globba pendula Roxb. 16
Globba pendula subsp. pendula Synonym of Globba pendula Roxb. 16
Globba hookeri C. B. Clarke ex Baker Synonym of Globba racemosa var. hookeri (C. B. Clarke) S. Kumar 11
Mantisia saltatoria Sims Synonym of Globba radicalis Roxb. 10
Globba schomburgkii var. schomburgkii Synonym of Globba schomburgkii Hook. 24
Globba ophioglossa Wight Synonym of Globba sessiliflora Sims 11
Mantisia spathulata (Roxb.) Schult. Synonym of Globba spathulata Roxb. 10
Globba aphanantha K. Larsen Synonym of Globba substrigosa King ex Baker 14
Globba × intermedia L. (X) Synonym of Globba × intermedia S. N. Lim 24