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63 species in "Fissidens" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Fissidens adianthoides Hedw. Accepted 24
Fissidens anomalus Mont. Accepted 12
Fissidens asplenioides Hedw. Accepted 12
Fissidens beckettii Mitt. Accepted 10
Fissidens biformis Mitt. Accepted 12
Fissidens bogoriensis M. Fleisch. Accepted 10
Fissidens bryoides Hedw. Accepted 10
Fissidens bryoides subsp. incurvus (Starke) Bertsch Accepted 4
Fissidens bryoides var. esquirolii (Thér.) Z. Iwats. & T. Suzuki Accepted 5
Fissidens bryoides var. gymnandrus (Büse) R. Ruthe Accepted 12
Fissidens bryoides var. lateralis (Broth.) Z. Iwats. & T. Suzuki Accepted 5
Fissidens bryoides var. schmidii (M. Hal.) R. S. Chopra & S. S. Kumar Accepted 6
Fissidens closteri subsp. kiushiuensis (Sakurai) Z. Iwats. Accepted 5
Fissidens crassinervis S. Lac. Accepted 5
Fissidens curvatoinvolutus Dixon Accepted 12
Fissidens excedens Broth. Accepted 8
Fissidens exilis Hedw. Accepted 12
Fissidens flabellatus Hornsch. Accepted 10
Fissidens flabellulus Thwaites & Mitt. Accepted 10
Fissidens francii Thér. Accepted 10
Fissidens grandifrons Brid. Accepted 14
Fissidens gymnogynus Besch. Accepted 12
Fissidens hollianus Dozy & Molk. Accepted 10
Fissidens hyalinus Hook. & Wilson Accepted 10
Fissidens incognitus Gangulee Accepted 8
Fissidens laxus Sull. & Lesq. Accepted 15
Fissidens macrosporoides Dixon & P. D. L. Varde Accepted 12
Fissidens minutulus Sull. Accepted 10
Fissidens minutulus subsp. pusillus (Milde) Wijk & Margad. Accepted 12
Fissidens nobilis Griff. Accepted 12
Fissidens obscurirete Broth. & Paris Accepted 10
Fissidens obscurus Mitt. Accepted 12
Fissidens obtusifolius Wilson Accepted 6
Fissidens osmundoides Hedw. Accepted 12
Fissidens pallidus Hook. & Wilson Accepted 12
Fissidens pauperculus M. Howe Accepted 12
Fissidens polypodioides Hedw. Accepted 12
Fissidens protonematicola Sakurai Accepted 10
Fissidens rambii Gangulee Accepted 10
Fissidens subbasilaris Hedw. Accepted 8
Fissidens taxifolius Hedw. Accepted 12
Fissidens tosaensis Broth. Accepted 5
Fissidens virens Thwaites & Mitt. Accepted 12
Fissidens zippelianus Dozy & Molk. Accepted 6
Fissidens adianthoides None Synonym of Fissidens adianthoides Hedw. 24
Fissidens pusillus (Wilson) Milde Synonym of Fissidens bryoides Hedw. 10
Fissidens viridulus (Sw.) Wahlenb. Synonym of Fissidens bryoides Hedw. 10
Fissidens sylvaticus Griff. Synonym of Fissidens crispulus Brid. 12
Fissidens limbatus Sull. Synonym of Fissidens crispus Mont. 5
Fissidens pungens Hampe & M. Hal. Synonym of Fissidens curvatus Hornsch. 13
Fissidens strictulus M. Hal. Synonym of Fissidens curvatus Hornsch. 13
Fissidens cristatus Wilson & Mitt. Synonym of Fissidens dubius P. Beauv. 12
Fissidens geminiflorus var. nagasakinus (Besch.) Z. Iwats. Synonym of Fissidens geminiflorus Dozy & Molk. 12
Fissidens grandifrons var. planicaulis (Besch.) Nog. Synonym of Fissidens grandifrons Brid. 14
Fissidens planicaulis Besch. Synonym of Fissidens grandifrons Brid. 14
Fissidens plagiochiloides Besch. Synonym of Fissidens involutus Wilson ex Mitt. 12
Fissidens japonicus Dozy & Molk. Synonym of Fissidens nobilis Griff. 12
Fissidens mangarevensis Mont. Synonym of Fissidens oblongifolius Hook. & Wilson 12
Fissidens areolatus Griff. Synonym of Fissidens polypodioides Hedw. 12
Fissidens papillosus S. Lac. Synonym of Fissidens serratus M. Hal. 10
Fissidens adelphinus Besch. Synonym of Fissidens teysmannianus Dozy & Molk. 12
Fissidens elimbatus Broth. Synonym of Fissidens walkeri var. elimbatus (Broth.) Dixon 6
Fissidens xiphioides M. Fleisch. Synonym of Fissidens zollingeri Mont. 12