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27 species in "Hypnum" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Hypnum callichroum Brid. Accepted 10
Hypnum circinale Hook. Accepted 6
Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw. Accepted 10
Hypnum cupressiforme var. lacunosum Brid. Accepted 10
Hypnum cupressiforme var. resupinatum (Taylor) Schimp. Accepted 10
Hypnum curvifolium Hedw. Accepted 10
Hypnum dieckei Renauld & Cardot Accepted 6
Hypnum fertile Sendtn. Accepted 11
Hypnum fujiyamae (Broth.) Paris Accepted 10
Hypnum imponens Hedw. Accepted 7
Hypnum jutlandicum Holmen & Warncke Accepted 10
Hypnum oldhamii (Mitt.) A. Jaeger Accepted 7
Hypnum pallescens (Hedw.) P. Beauv. Accepted 11
Hypnum plumaeforme Wilson Accepted 10
Hypnum plumaeforme var. minus Broth. ex Iisiba Accepted 10
Hypnum pratense Koch ex Spruce Accepted 10
Hypnum revolutum (Mitt.) Lindb. Accepted 14
Hypnum sakuraii (Sakurai) Ando Accepted 8
Hypnum subimponens Lesq. Accepted 11
Hypnum lindbergii Mitt. Synonym of Calliergonella lindbergii (Mitt.) Hedenäs 10
Hypnum cupressiforme var. mammillatum Brid. Synonym of Hypnum andoi A. J. E. Sm. 10
Hypnum dieckei Synonym of Hypnum dieckei Renauld & Cardot 6
Hypnum dieckei None Synonym of Hypnum dieckei Renauld & Cardot 6
Hypnum homaliaceum (Besch.) Doign. Synonym of Hypnum erectiusculum Sull. & Lesq. 10
Hypnum oldhamii None Synonym of Hypnum oldhamii (Mitt.) A. Jaeger 7
Hypnum reptile Michx. Synonym of Hypnum pallescens (Hedw.) P. Beauv. 11
Hypnum tristoviride None Synonym of Hypnum tristoviride (Broth.) Paris 10