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28 species in "Marchantia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Marchantia berteroana Lehm. & Lindenb. Accepted 9
Marchantia breviloba A. Evans Accepted 18
Marchantia chenopoda L. Accepted 9
Marchantia emarginata Reinw. & Blume & Nees Accepted 9
Marchantia emarginata subsp. tosana (Stephani) Bischl. Accepted 9
Marchantia formosana Horik. Accepted 8
Marchantia globosa Brid. ex F. Weber Accepted 18
Marchantia novoguineensis Bischl. Accepted 9
Marchantia paleacea Bertol. Accepted 9
Marchantia paleacea subsp. diptera (Nees & Mont.) Inoue Accepted 9
Marchantia papillata Raddi Accepted 9
Marchantia pinnata Stephani Accepted 9
Marchantia polymorpha L. Accepted 9
Marchantia radiata Horik. Accepted 9
Marchantia streimannii Bischl. Accepted 9
Marchantia geminata Reinw. & Blume & Nees Unresolved 9
Marchantia grisea Burgeff Unresolved None
Marchantia hexaptera Reichardt Unresolved 9
Marchantia macropora Mitt. Unresolved 9
Marchantia nepalensis Lehm. & Lindenb. Unresolved 8
Marchantia palmata Reinw. & Nees & Blume Unresolved None
Marchantia plicata Nees & Mont. Unresolved 9
Marchantia treubii Schiffner Unresolved 8
Marchantia polymorpha var. alpestris (Nees) Gottsche & Lindenb. & Nees Synonym of Marchantia alpestris (Nees) Burgeff 9
Marchantia tosana Stephani Synonym of Marchantia emarginata subsp. tosana (Stephani) Bischl. 9
Marchantia diptera Nees & Mont. Synonym of Marchantia paleacea subsp. diptera (Nees & Mont.) Inoue 9
Marchantia inflexa Nees & Mont. Synonym of Marchantia papillata subsp. inflexa (Nees & Mont.) R. M. Schust. 9
Marchantia parviloba Stephani Synonym of Marchantia pappeana Lehm. 9