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28 species in "Scapania" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Scapania aequiloba (Schwägr.) Dumort. Accepted 8
Scapania ampliata Stephani Accepted 9
Scapania bolanderi Austin Accepted 9
Scapania calcicola (Arnell & J. Perss.) W. Ingham Accepted 9
Scapania ciliata S. Lac. Accepted 9
Scapania compacta (Roth) Dumort. Accepted 8
Scapania curta (Mart.) Dumort. Accepted 16
Scapania cuspiduligera (Nees) K. Müller Accepted 9
Scapania glaucocephala (Taylor) Austin Accepted 8
Scapania griffithii Schiffner Accepted 9
Scapania ligulata Stephani Accepted 9
Scapania lingulata H. Buch Accepted 27
Scapania nemorea (L.) Grolle Accepted 9
Scapania ornithopodioides (With.) Waddell Accepted 9
Scapania paludicola Loeske & K. Müller Accepted 9
Scapania parvitexta Stephani Accepted 9
Scapania scandica (Arnell & H. Buch) Macvicar Accepted 9
Scapania simmonsii Bryhn & Kaal. Accepted 9
Scapania spinosa Stephani Accepted 9
Scapania uliginosa (Lindenb.) Dumort. Accepted 8
Scapania umbrosa (Schrad.) Dumort. Accepted 8
Scapania undulata (L.) Dumort. Accepted 8
Scapania stephanii K. Müller Synonym of Scapania ligulata Stephani 9
Scapania praetervisa Meyl. Synonym of Scapania mucronata H. Buch 9
Scapania nemorea None Synonym of Scapania nemorea (L.) Grolle 9
Scapania parvidens Stephani Synonym of Scapania parvitexta Stephani 9
Scapania robusta Horik. Synonym of Scapania subnimbosa Stephani 9
Scapania paludosa (K. Müller) K. Müller Synonym of Scapania uliginosa (Lindenb.) Dumort. 8