15 species in "Anemia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Anemia adiantifolia (L.) Sw. Accepted 38
Anemia hirsuta (L.) Sw. Accepted 76
Anemia mexicana Klotzsch Accepted 38
Anemia pastinacaria Moritz ex Prantl Accepted 38
Anemia phyllitidis (L.) Sw. Accepted 76
Anemia rotundifolia Schrad. Accepted 38
Anemia schimperiana C. Presl Accepted 76
Anemia tomentosa (Savigny) Sw. Accepted 76
Anemia underwoodiana Maxon Unresolved 76
Anemia makrinii Maxon Synonym of Anemia mexicana var. makrinii (Maxon) Mickel 38
Mohria nudiuscula J. P. Roux Synonym of Anemia nudiuscula (J. P. Roux) Christenh. 76
Mohria saxatilis J. P. Roux Synonym of Anemia saxatilis (J. P. Roux) Christenh. 38
Anemia wightiana Gardner Synonym of Anemia schimperiana C. Presl 76
Mohria vestita Baker Synonym of Anemia vestita (Baker) Christenh. 76
Anemia aurita (Sw.) Sw. Synonym of Mohria aurita (Sw.) J. Sm. 38