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71 species in "Blechnum" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Blechnum articulatum (F. Muell.) S. B. Andrews Accepted 31
Blechnum attenuatum (Sw.) Mett. Accepted 64
Blechnum australe L. Accepted 62
Blechnum blechnoides Keyserl. Accepted 33
Blechnum brasiliense Desv. Accepted 33
Blechnum cycadifolium J. W. Sturm Accepted 33
Blechnum hastatum Kaulf. Accepted 33
Blechnum melanopus Hook. Accepted 62
Blechnum mochaenum var. fernandezianum (Looser) D. L. Sota Accepted 62
Blechnum nigrum (Coleman) Mett. Accepted 33
Blechnum nipponicum Makino Accepted 31
Blechnum nudum (Labill.) Luerss. Accepted 28
Blechnum occidentale L. Accepted 62
Blechnum orientale L. Accepted 33
Blechnum patersonii (R. Br.) Mett. Accepted 66
Blechnum penna-marina (Poir.) Kuhn Accepted 33
Blechnum punctulatum Sw. Accepted 62
Blechnum schottii C. Chr. Accepted 29
Blechnum serrulatum Rich. Accepted 36
Blechnum spicant (L.) Sm. Accepted 34
Blechnum × antillanum Proctor Accepted None
Blechnum × caudatum Cav. Accepted None
Blechnum camfieldii Tindale Unresolved 28
Blechnum castaneum Makino & Nemoto Unresolved 170
Blechnum chambersii Tindale Unresolved 33
Blechnum colensoi N. A. Wakef. Unresolved 61
Blechnum discolor Keyserl. Unresolved 28
Blechnum durum C. Chr. Unresolved 28
Blechnum filiforme Ettingsh. Unresolved 33
Blechnum fluviatile E. J. Lowe ex Salomon Unresolved 68
Blechnum gibbum Mett. Unresolved 33
Blechnum gregsonii Tindale Unresolved 28
Blechnum membranaceum M. ;. Diels Unresolved 33
Blechnum minus Ettingsh. Unresolved 28
Blechnum montanum T. C. Chambers & P. A. Farrant Unresolved 28
Blechnum moorei C. Chr. Unresolved 33
Blechnum norfolkianum C. Chr. Unresolved 33
Blechnum obtusatum Mett. Unresolved 33
Blechnum palmiforme C. Chr. Unresolved 33
Blechnum procerum Sw. Unresolved 28
Blechnum triangularifolium T. C. Chambers & P. A. Farrant Unresolved 28
Blechnum vulcanicum Kuhn Unresolved 34
Blechnum wattsii Tindale Unresolved 28
Blechnum whelanii F. M. Bailey Unresolved 48
Blechnum wurunuran Parris Unresolved 56
Blechnum unilaterale Willd. Synonym of Blechnum asplenioides Sw. 62
Blechnum auriculatum Cav. Synonym of Blechnum australe subsp. auriculatum (Cav.) D. L. Sota 31
Blechnum ensiforme (Liebm.) C. Chr. Synonym of Blechnum binervatum (Poir.) C. V. Morton & Lellinger 29
Blechnum brasiliense None Synonym of Blechnum brasiliense Desv. 33
Blechnum chilense (Kaulf.) Mett. Synonym of Blechnum cordatum (Desv.) Hieron. 28
Doodia dissecta Parris Synonym of Blechnum dissectum (Parris) Christenh. 32
Doodia dives Kunze Synonym of Blechnum dives (Kunze) Christenh. 64
Struthiopteris eburnea (Christ) Ching Synonym of Blechnum eburneum Christ 33
Blechnum occidentale var. minor Hook. Synonym of Blechnum glandulosum Kaulf. ex Link 62
Blechnum fraxineum Willd. Synonym of Blechnum gracile Kaulf. 31
Blechnum lanceolatum Raddi Synonym of Blechnum lanceola Sw. 33
Doodia linearis J. Sm. Synonym of Blechnum lineare (J. Sm.) Christenh. 64
Blechnum mochaenum var. mochaenum Synonym of Blechnum mochaenum G. Kunkel 33
Doodia mollis Parris Synonym of Blechnum molle (Parris) Christenh. 96
Blechnum moorei None Synonym of Blechnum moorei C. Chr. 33
Blechnum nipponicum (Kunze) Makino Synonym of Blechnum nipponicum Makino 31
Struthiopteris niponica (Kunze) Nakai Synonym of Blechnum nipponicum Makino 31
Blechnum cartilagineum Sw. Synonym of Blechnum occidentale L. 62
Blechnum occidentale None Synonym of Blechnum occidentale L. 62
Blechnum orientale None Synonym of Blechnum orientale L. 33
Blechnum patersonii Synonym of Blechnum patersonii (R. Br.) Mett. 66
Blechnum indicum Burm. Synonym of Blechnum serrulatum Rich. 36
Blechnum × antillanum P. (X) Synonym of Blechnum × antillanum Proctor None
Blechnum fraseri (A. Cunn.) Luerss. Synonym of Diploblechnum fraseri (A. Cunn.) D. Vol 28
Blechnum ambiguum Kaulf. Synonym of Parablechnum ambiguum (Kaulf.) C. Presl 55
Blechnum amabile Makino Synonym of Struthiopteris amabilis (Makino) Ching 31