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55 species in "Trichomanes" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Trichomanes alatum Sw. Accepted 64
Trichomanes angustatum Carmich. Accepted 72
Trichomanes ankersii C. Parker ex Hook. & Grev. Accepted 36
Trichomanes arbuscula Desv. Accepted 64
Trichomanes ballardianum Alston Accepted 68
Trichomanes boschianum J. W. Sturm ex Bosch Accepted 36
Trichomanes capillaceum L. Accepted 36
Trichomanes cellulosum Klotzsch Accepted 28
Trichomanes crinitum Sw. Accepted 64
Trichomanes crispiforme Alston Accepted 64
Trichomanes crispum L. Accepted 128
Trichomanes cristatum Kaulf. Accepted 72
Trichomanes elegans Rich. Accepted 32
Trichomanes fimbriatum Backh. ex T. Moore Accepted 64
Trichomanes holopterum Kunze Accepted 64
Trichomanes krausii Hook. & Grev. Accepted 68
Trichomanes lineolatum (Bosch) Hook. Accepted 34
Trichomanes membranaceum L. Accepted 34
Trichomanes motleyi Bosch Accepted 34
Trichomanes pilosum Raddi Accepted 62
Trichomanes pinnatum Hedw. Accepted 36
Trichomanes polypodioides L. Accepted 64
Trichomanes pyxidiferum L. Accepted 36
Trichomanes robustum E. Fourn. Accepted 64
Trichomanes tanaicum J. W. Sturm Accepted 32
Trichomanes aureovestitum Proctor Unresolved 64
Trichomanes colensoi H. F. I. Hk. Unresolved 36
Trichomanes lyallii H. ;. Cop. Unresolved 36
Trichomanes lyallii Hook. Unresolved 36
Trichomanes speciosum Willd. Unresolved 72
Trichomanes reniforme G. Forst. Synonym of Cardiomanes reniforme (G. Forst.) C. Presl 36
Trichomanes javanicum Blume Synonym of Cephalomanes javanicum (Blume) Bosch 32
Trichomanes bilabiatum Nees & Blume Synonym of Crepidomanes bilabiatum (Nees & Blume) Copel. 36
Trichomanes bipunctatum Poir. Synonym of Crepidomanes bipunctatum (Poir.) Copel. 36
Trichomanes intramarginale Hook. & Grev. Synonym of Crepidomanes intramarginale (Hook. & Grev.) Copel. 36
Trichomanes plicatum (Bosch) Bedd. Synonym of Crepidomanes latealatum (Bosch) Copel. 36
Trichomanes proliferum Blume ex Hook. Synonym of Crepidomanes minutum (Blume) K. Iwats. 36
Trichomanes schmidtianum Zenker ex Taschner Synonym of Crepidomanes schmidtianum (Zenker) K. Iwats. 72
Trichomanes venosum R. Br. Synonym of Polyphlebium venosum (R. Br.) Copel. 36
Trichomanes obscurum Blume Synonym of Selenodesmium obscurum (Blume) Copel. 33
Lacostea ankersii (C. Parker) Prantl Synonym of Trichomanes ankersii C. Parker ex Hook. & Grev. 36
Vandenboschia capillacea (L.) Copel. Synonym of Trichomanes capillaceum L. 36
Selenodesmium cellulosum (Klotzsch) Á. Löve & D. Löve Synonym of Trichomanes cellulosum Klotzsch 28
Trichomanes martinezii Rovirosa Synonym of Trichomanes collariatum Bosch 36
Vandenboschia martinezii (Rovirosa) P. Serm. Synonym of Trichomanes collariatum Bosch 36
Davalliopsis elegans (Rich.) Copel. Synonym of Trichomanes elegans Rich. 32
Vandenboschia hymenophylloides (Bosch) Copel. Synonym of Trichomanes hymenophylloides Bosch 36
Microgonium kapplerianum (J. W. Sturm) P. Serm. Synonym of Trichomanes kapplerianum J. W. Sturm 68
Didymoglossum krausii (Hook. & Grev.) C. Presl Synonym of Trichomanes krausii Hook. & Grev. 68
Lecanolepis membranacea (L.) P. Serm. Synonym of Trichomanes membranaceum L. 34
Neuromanes pinnatum (Hedw.) Trevis. Synonym of Trichomanes pinnatum Hedw. 36
Vandenboschia pyxidifera (L.) Copel. Synonym of Trichomanes pyxidiferum L. 36
Microgonium tahitense (Nadeaud) Tindale Synonym of Trichomanes tahitense Nadeaud 34
Trichomanes mettenii C. Chr. Synonym of Vandenboschia mettenii (C. Chr.) G. Kunkel 36
Trichomanes radicans Sw. Synonym of Vandenboschia radicans (Sw.) Copel. 72