30 species in "Pyrrosia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Pyrrosia adnascens (Sw.) Ching Accepted 108
Pyrrosia confluens (R. Br.) Ching Accepted 37
Pyrrosia eleagnifolia (Bory) Hovenkamp Accepted 37
Pyrrosia flocculosa (D. Don) Ching Accepted 36
Pyrrosia gardneri (Mett.) Sledge Accepted 37
Pyrrosia lanceolata (L.) Farw. Accepted 37
Pyrrosia linearifolia (Hook.) Ching Accepted 37
Pyrrosia lingua (Thunb.) Farw. Accepted 36
Pyrrosia longifolia (Burm.) C. V. Morton Accepted 37
Pyrrosia mannii (Giesenh.) Ching Accepted 37
Pyrrosia mollis (Kunze) Ching Accepted 74
Pyrrosia nuda (Giesenh.) Ching Accepted 72
Pyrrosia petiolosa (Christ) Ching Accepted 36
Pyrrosia porosa (C. Presl) Hovenkamp Accepted 74
Pyrrosia stictica (Kunze) Holttum Accepted 74
Pyrrosia stigmosa (Sw.) Ching Accepted 37
Pyrrosia subfurfuracea (Hook.) Ching Accepted 37
Pyrrosia beddomeana Ching Unresolved 37
Pyrrosia dielsii Tindale Unresolved 37
Pyrrosia rupestris Ching Unresolved 37
Pyrrosia serpens Ching Unresolved 37
Pyrrosia beddomeana Synonym of Pyrrosia beddomeana Ching 37
Pyrrosia dielsii Synonym of Pyrrosia dielsii Tindale 37
Pyrrosia flocculosa (Don) Ching Synonym of Pyrrosia flocculosa (D. Don) Ching 36
Pyrrosia tricuspis (Sw.) Tagawa Synonym of Pyrrosia hastata (Thunb.) Ching 37
Pyrrosia lanceolata (L.) Farwell Synonym of Pyrrosia lanceolata (L.) Farw. 37
Pyrrosia acrostichoides (G. Forst.) Ching Synonym of Pyrrosia longifolia (Burm.) C. V. Morton 37
Pyrrosia nummulariifolia Synonym of Pyrrosia nummulariifolia (Sw.) Ching 37
Pyrrosia nummulariifolia None Synonym of Pyrrosia nummulariifolia (Sw.) Ching 37
Pyrrosia porosa var. porosa Synonym of Pyrrosia porosa (C. Presl) Hovenkamp 74