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21 species in "Chamaecytisus" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Chamaecytisus albus Rothm. Accepted 24
Chamaecytisus frivaldszkyanus (Degen) Kuzmanov ex Greuter & Burdet & G. Long Accepted 24
Chamaecytisus mollis (Cav.) Greuter & Burdet Accepted 25
Chamaecytisus absinthioides (Janka) Kuzm. Synonym of Chamaecytisus absinthioides (Janka) Kuzmanov 48
Cytisus proliferus var. angustifolius Kuntze Synonym of Chamaecytisus proliferus subsp. angustifolius (Kuntze) G. Kunkel 26
Chamaecytisus ratisbonensis subsp. ruthenicus Ziel. Synonym of Chamaecytisus ruthenicus (Fischer) Klásk. 24
Chamaecytisus hirsutus subsp. ciliatus (Wahlenb.) Å. Strid Synonym of Chamaecytisus triflorus subsp. ciliatus (Wahlenb.) Holub 25
Chamaecytisus austriacus (L.) Link Synonym of Cytisus austriacus L. 25
Chamaecytisus rochelii (Wierzb.) Rothm. Synonym of Cytisus austriacus var. rochelii (Wierzb.) Cristof. 24
Chamaecytisus aggregatus (Schur.) Diklić Synonym of Cytisus hirsutus L. 48
Chamaecytisus ciliatus (Wahlenb.) Rothm. Synonym of Cytisus hirsutus L. 48
Chamaecytisus hirsutus (L.) Link Synonym of Cytisus hirsutus L. 48
Chamaecytisus supinus (L.) Link Synonym of Cytisus hirsutus L. 48
Chamaecytisus polytrichus (M. Bieb.) Rothm. Synonym of Cytisus hirsutus subsp. polytrichus (M. Bieb.) Hayek 25
Chamaecytisus kovacevii (Velen.) Rothm. Synonym of Cytisus kovacevii Velen. 24
Chamaecytisus leiocarpus (A. Kern.) Rothm. Synonym of Cytisus leiocarpus A. Kern. 25
Chamaecytisus proliferus (L.) Link Synonym of Cytisus proliferus L. 24
Chamaecytisus purpureus (Scop.) Link Synonym of Cytisus purpureus Scop. 25
Chamaecytisus ratisbonensis (Schaeff.) Rothm. Synonym of Cytisus ratisbonensis Schaeff. 24
Chamaecytisus spinescens (C. Presl) Rothm. Synonym of Cytisus spinescens C. Presl 50
Chamaecytisus triflorus Skalicka Synonym of Cytisus triflorus Lam. 25