7 species in "Hoffmannseggia" :

Taxon name Status Median (n)
Hoffmannseggia drepanocarpa A. Gray Accepted 12
Hoffmannseggia glauca (Ortega) Eifert Accepted 12
Hoffmannseggia microphylla Torr. Accepted 12
Hoffmannseggia oxycarpa Benth. Unresolved 12
Hoffmannseggia andina Miers Synonym of Hoffmannseggia eremophila (Phil.) Ulibarri 12
Caesalpinia oxycarpa (A. Gray) Fisher Synonym of Hoffmannseggia oxycarpa subsp. oxycarpa 12
Hoffmannseggia viscosa Synonym of Hoffmannseggia viscosa Hook. & Arn. 12